The goal of the Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship at Mount Sinai is to teach the requisite cognitive and technical aspects of interventional endoscopy.  This includes understanding relevant disease processes and their presentation and management, analysis and interpretation of serologic and radiographic data, understanding the indications and contraindications for various procedures, pre- and post-procedure care of the patient, recognition and management of complications, appropriate documentation and reporting, and appropriate communication with the patient.

The trainee will gain extensive hands-on experience in:

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic EUS
  • ERCP, ampullectomy, and cholangio-pancreatoscopy
  • Luminal stenting
  • Complex fistula and stricture management
  • Endoscopic resection and ablation techniques
  • Complex polypectomy
  • Endoscopy in post-surgical anatomy
  • Confocal laser endomicroscopy
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection
  • Per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM)
  • Primary endoscopic obesity techniques

The advanced endoscopy trainee will be involved in the management of both inpatients and outpatients, and will have an opportunity to attend outpatient advanced endoscopy clinics.


Our fellows are expected to attend the following weekly conferences:

  • Multidisciplinary GI Tumor Board (Tuesday mornings)
  • Jerry Waye’s Fellows Endoscopy Conference (Wednesday mornings)
  • Advanced Endoscopy Research/Case conference (Thursday mornings)
  • Endoscopy Conference (Friday mornings)
  • GI Grand Rounds (Friday mornings)