Neurosurgery Residency at The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Neurosurgery Residency Program combines patient care, research, and training to prepare trainees for an outstanding career as a surgeon and investigator. Residents train at The Mount Sinai Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital, and Mount Sinai West.

Our Director, Raj K. Shrivastava, MD, shares the history and benefits of our residency program in his own words.  

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As a resident, you’ll gain experience in all aspects of neurosurgery including spine, skull base, oncology, trauma, cerebvascular, endovascular, functional, epilepsy, neurosurgical oncology, and peripheral nerve.

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The Department of Neurosurgery accepts applicants through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Applications are accepted between September 1 and October 15. Only applications that contain the following will be reviewed: curriculum vitae, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, medical school transcript, and USMLE scores. Dean’s letters are also received and attached to each application. The Department will consider residents who have been issued a J-1 Visa and who hold a current ECFMG Certificate.

After a review of the applications, the Department will select which candidates it would like to interview. Invitations for these interviews will be sent out via email beginning in October 2021. Interviews are scheduled to take place in December 2021 and January 2022.

Applicants and programs submit their rankings to the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) in mid-February. Applicants and programs are notified of the match results on Match Day in mid-March.

Our neurosurgery residents are actively involved in both clinical and basic science research, with many serving as first author on high-impact publications. To prepare for NIH funding opportunities, PGY-1 through PGY-4 residents participate in an all-day didactic and research program that fosters collaborative studies in translational and clinical departments. This setting provides the opportunity to not only learn from and work alongside neurosurgery faculty, but also for residents to chart their own, personal research course during their training and beyond. Our Annual Neurosurgery Research Day, held at the end of the academic year, allows for residents to showcase and present their work.

Additionally, each resident participates in at least one academic “enrichment” year, where they can explore and develop their unique interests. Whether it’s in the form of research, a fellowship, a graduate degree program, or device development, residents are given the freedom and support to pursue their passions.

Current neurosurgery residents and medical students from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai can view ongoing research projects here.

Our alumni are active contributors to the field, and hold teaching and leadership positions at hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States. 

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There are many opportunities available for residents at Mount Sinai. We make it our priority to provide residents with the activities, benefits, and resources needed to succeed.

What Residents Can Expect to Receive

  • Competitive stipends
  • Excellent health benefits
  • Affordable apartments in hospital-owned housing (subject to availability)
  • Education supplements to cover costs, such as medical licensure
  • Travel funds for presenting research at scholarly meetings
  • Shuttle service between the Mount Sinai Health System campuses
  • High-quality meals for on-call or night float assignments
  • Access to activity and event discounts, available through the Recreation Office
  • A pair of surgical magnifying loupes
  • Yearly resident book funds
  • Yearly renewable department supported grant funding
  • Monthly within-city travel funds to assist with getting around New York City
  • Operate almost every day during Junior year
  • Dedicated Advanced Practice Provider service line to support residents
  • Service didactics
  • Uber services during off-hours
  • Transportation stipends

Salaries as of November 1, 2021

PGY-1 $72,294
PGY-2 $77,028
PGY-3 $80,110
PGY-4 $83,314
PGY-5 $86,646
PGY-6 $90,112
PGY-7 $93,717

Resident Housing
Mount Sinai provides housing options for incoming families, incoming couples, and incoming singles. There are several housing options available throughout New York City.

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The well-being of our neurosurgery residents throughout the duration of their training is of high importance to us. Through programs and initiatives spearheaded by our Associate Program Director Christopher Kellner, MD, our residents receive the support they need to power through residency, while also maintaining a reasonable work-life balance.

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Our Medical Student Sub-Internship is open to medical students visiting from outside institutions in the U.S.! We are unfortunately not able to accept students from non-U.S. medical schools at this time.

The Mount Sinai Health System provides intense exposure to a wide breadth of neurosurgical diseases and conditions, with visiting students delving into the challenging experience as trainees throughout the summer.

Located at the busy Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai West campuses in New York City, the Mount Sinai Neurosurgery Sub-I Program is designed to enhance clinical knowledge and basic neurosurgical skills of visiting medical students, while providing intense exposure to neurological diseases and central nervous system pathology. Sub-Is will have the exciting opportunity to interact with and learn from our diverse and dynamic academic neurosurgical faculty and resident team, participate first-hand in complex neurosurgical procedures in the operating room, directly care for neuro patients in the intensive care units and wards, and present during the Department of Neurosurgery's weekly Grand Rounds.

To Apply:

Send your CV to with the subjectline 'Neurosurgery Sub-Internship Application.'

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The Department of Neurosurgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will offer a weekly educational seminar series during Summer 2021, open to all medical students interested in neurosurgery. These virtual academic sessions are conducted by leading Mount Sinai neurosurgeons in each neurosurgical sub-specialty. Students will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with our faculty. After each session, students will take a brief survey to evaluate the seminars and provide feedback. If you are interested in receiving a notification when enrollment opens, please fill out this form.

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