Message From Our Program Directors

Greetings from the Directors of Residency Education. We are delighted that you are interested in training in the integrated Pediatric/Psychiatry/Child & Adolescent (Triple Board) Residency Program.

Graduates of our program have gone on to practice all three specialties, and in some cases, more than one at the same time. They practice in academia, acute inpatient units, residential facilities, day treatment programs, forensic psychiatry, outpatient treatment in both the public and private sectors, and very often in the medical setting either as Consultation Liaison Psychiatrists or by addressing the mental and behavioral health issues of medically ill patients in the clinical setting. Some of our graduates have completed additional training in areas as diverse as infant psychiatry, public psychiatry, personality disorders, eating disorders, psychoanalytic training, neuropsychiatry, pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric hematology and oncology, and pediatric intensive care medicine. Others have gone on to masters level or doctoral work. The strength and beauty of the program are that every graduate is doing something unique and different in her/his integration of the training. Many fourth year medical students do electives at one of the sites in order to learn more about Triple Board in general and the specific programs in which they are interested.

If you are thinking about a career in Pediatrics and/or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, we recommend that you give serious consideration to the Triple Board.


Dorothy Grice, MD
Program Director
Residency Education in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Triple Board Program

Joel Forman, MD
Co-Director, Triple Board Program
Vice-Chair for Education and Residency Program Director, Department of Pediatrics

Milana Mor, MD
Associate Director of Training, Triple Board Program