Previous Projects

At the Abilities Research Center (ARC), we have a long history of developing successful projects to help patients.

Music Not Impossible

  • Sponsor: Not Impossible Labs
  • David Putrino, PhD, assisted Not Impossible Labs to create a wearable system to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to experience music in a new way.
  • Impact: This project had important impact: Edison Award: Finalist - 2018 // SxSW: Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist - 2017

Project Daniel

  • Daniel is a Sudanese boy who lost both his arms during a bombing in his village. Dr. Putrino joined Not Impossible Labs and traveled to the Nuba Mountains in South Sudan to use a 3D print to create prosthetic arms and teach the community how to use the technology to help others.
  • Impact: This project won multiple awards:
    • 2 Gold Pencils Co: Best in Show - 2014;
    • Advertising Age Top 50: Most Creative People - 2014;
    • Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity: 1 Gold Lion, 1 Titanium Lion, 3 Bronze Lions - 2014; Clio Award - 2014;
    • Muhammad Ali Center: Humanitarian of the Year - 2014;
    • No Barriers: Innovation Award - 2015;
    • SxSW: Interactive Innovation Awards Winner - 2015
    • The Telly Awards: 1 Silver Telly, 1 Bronze Telly - 2014

Don’s Voice

  • Sponsor: Not Impossible Labs
  • In collaboration with Not Impossible Labs, Dr. Putrino helped a man with ALS autonomously communicate with his wife by using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Impact: Recipient of the 2016 South by Southwest Innovation Award

Red Bull Project Endurance 2.0

  • Title: How Does the Brain of an Elite Athlete Work?
  • Objective: For Project Endurance 2.0, the Red Bull High Performance team partnered with Dr. Putrino and Dr. Mar Cortes to look at how the brain of an elite athlete works and how it can improve further athletic performance. The team of scientists analyzed the neurophysiological response to brain stimulation (transcranial magnetic stimulation, or tDCS) in an effort to further understand why athletes stop or slow down. If the brain is stimulated in the right way, can an athlete go further during training?
  • Impact: How Does the Brain of an Elite Athlete Work?

Red Bull Project Endurance 3.0

  • Dr. Putrino and Dr. Mar Cortes participated in the Red Bull Endurance Project 3.0 titled Human Testing: how altitude affects performance. Six elite athletes undergo extreme testing at different altitudes (from Death Valley to Mammoth Mountain) to understand how to maximize human performance.

Red Bull Surf Science

  • Dr. Putrino joined the Red Bull team in Salina Cruz, Mexico, and used a cutting-edge technologies to measure the performance of a professional surfer in the water.