News and Media

At the Abilities Research Center (ARC), we are proud to share our discoveries and our work with the media. We are committed to showcasing the accomplishments of our patients, researchers, and doctors.

  • High Tech Exoskeleton
    Dr. Mar Cortes is interviewed by CBS about how Ekso robotics can improve the life of people after stroke.
  • An APP a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
    David Putrino, PhD, is featured in The Future According to Now Season 2, Episode 4 podcast from Atlantic Re:think.

  • TED Talk
    Dr. Putrino was part of the TEDx Torino at the VIEW Conference. He talks about how, in his work, ‘We don’t treat patients, we treat superheroes’.

  • ARC Featured on ‘Euskalonski’
    Mar Cortes, MD, is interviewed at Euskalonski TV show. She explains her life as a scientist at the Abilities Research Center, where she experiments with robots, brain stimulation, and virtual reality (interview is in Basque).

  • Scientific American
    Dr. Cortes is featured in Scientific American discussing her research in improving motor recovery after spinal cord injury by using robotic technology and non-invasive brain stimulation (interview is in Spanish).

  • EKSO and SCI Rehabilitation
    Dr. Cortes explains how exoskeletons and other novel robotic devices can enhance motor recovery after spinal cord injury in a video interview for Ekso Bionics using the EksoGT.

  • Gaming Therapy
    Dr. Putrino’s gaming therapy approach was highlighted in a video interview on a FOX 5 television show about using telemedicine and video game technology for stroke recovery.

  • Concussion Detection
    We are at the forefront of using telemedicine technology for concussion detection. Dr. Putrino speaks about this in the “Super Bowl 100: How the NFL Can Survive the Concussion Epidemic” video from Wired.