Our Mission

The Abilities Research Center (ARC) at Mount Sinai is dedicated to putting science to work for our patients, drawing on leading-edge lab advances to offer new rehabilitation options to those dealing with neurological disabilities. Whether a patient is experiencing the slow progression of Multiple Sclerosis or the sudden disability caused by a brain or spinal trauma, we specialize in customizing the technology and individualized treatment plan needed to achieve maximum mobility and independence that comes with it.

Through state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies including upper and lower limb robotics, exoskeleton devices, and non-invasive brain stimulation, we bring together the resources, science, and support our patients need to maximize their independence and mobility.

We strive to:

  • Understand human voluntary movement in health and after neurological damage
  • Develop innovative strategies for addressing the sensory, motor, and psychosocial consequences of neurological injury
  • Accelerate the path of technology rapidly from scientific concept to mainstream clinical adoption as quickly as is feasible