Recharge Rooms

Regenerative spaces during Covid19, the Recharge Rooms

Responding to the overwhelming demands on frontline healthcare workers due to COVID-19, Studio Elsewhere has collaborated with the Abilities Research Center at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to convert under utilized spaces in hospitals into relief hubs for frontline healthcare workers to have rest and psychological reset during their day. The Recharge Rooms offer immersive biophilic environments that include music, scent, lighting, and sound.

These biophilic spaces support health and resilience and are designed to address trauma, anxiety, and stress and improve cognitive performance. Some of the benefits of spaces with a larger percentage of ‘natural features’ include: stronger immune system, healthier microbiome, better mental health, more favorable heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety.

Who is Studio Elsewhere?

Studio Elsewhere creates resilient environments that artfully infuse biophilic design and immersive technology to support rehabilitation, human performance, stress resilience, mental health, and palliative care. These physical and virtual spaces are powered by integrated technology solutions, all centered on the needs of healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients.

Studio Elsewhere is currently working with the Lazarus Center team to design a new treatment and research center for children with paralysis. The space will feature the ability for a child to custom create their own digital spirit animal that will act as their avatar populating the environment of the center. Instead of a traditional waiting room, they will be transported into an interactive forest environment. Treatment rooms will transport them to otherworldly nature-inspired environments that bridge both digital and physical worlds.

We imagine experiences that advance human resilience
-Mirelle Phillips, Director of Studio Elsewhere