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Stem cell research has enormous potential to identify new approaches for treating human disease. Physicians are already using stem cell therapies to treat disorders of the blood and immune systems, cornea, and skin. Gene editing technology allows us to make these therapies even more powerful by correcting aberrant genes in diseases, such as blood cancers and immune deficiencies. In parallel, we can now reprogram adult human cells to function like embryonic stem cells, with the ability to form any tissue in the body. This technology permits modeling of human diseases to elucidate their mechanisms, testing of drugs on patient-derived cells, and production of cells and organs for regenerative therapies.

The Black Family Stem Cell Institute is located on the main campus of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in the midst of a thriving clinical enterprise that provides an ideal environment to support stem cell research and its translation to clinical practice.

Our researchers include basic scientists who are advancing stem cell mechanisms in human and model organism systems; translational researchers who are developing new approaches to treat human disease; and clinician scientists who are actively testing new therapies in clinical trials.

Research Areas

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Our Faculty and Publications

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