Black Family Stem Cell Institute

Director’s Message

The powerful new insights from rapidly evolving technologies in stem cell research make this a truly exciting time in regenerative medicine and present unprecedented therapeutic opportunities in a wide variety of clinical areas. The goal of the Black Family Stem Cell Institute (BFSCI) is to promote research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine and accelerate its translation to the clinic.

To achieve this goal, the BFSCI brings together basic scientists, physician-scientists, clinicians, and ethics and policy experts from the entire Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai community, serving as a hub for interaction and collaboration.

We organize seminars, work-in-progress talks, an annual retreat, trainee events, community outreach programs, and pilot grant funding opportunities focused on all areas of stem cell biology, disease modeling and therapeutic testing, gene editing, tissue regeneration, and translational and clinical research. The Stem Cell Engineering Core supports our mission by providing expert services, technical advice, and training for stem cell research.

We welcome members at all levels, including faculty, staff, and trainees, who have an interest in stem cell research and its potential applications.

We encourage you to join us in this exciting journey of discovery, which has tremendous potential to positively impact human health and provide improved therapies for a wide range of devastating diseases.

Sarah E. Millar, PhD

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