Recent Grants

The Mount Sinai Children’s Brain and Spinal Tumor Center has received several grants that span multiple disciplines including sophisticated genetic mouse brain tumor modeling, neuroimmunology, cancer genetics, cancer proteogenomics, cancer epigenomics, neurometabolism, and novel drug delivery approaches across the blood-brain barrier.

DIPG/DMG & Pediatric High-Grade Glioma

Hambardzumyan/Becher – NIH R01 - Role of myeloid cells in pediatric high-grade gliomas – 6/1/22-5/31/27

Becher – NIH R01 – Functional dissection of K27M histone mutation in gliomagenesis – 8/5/16-3/31/22

Becher/Chandra – Department of Defense – Interrogation of the LSD1-IL18 axis in pediatric glioma – 9/30/21-9/29/24

Hambardzumyan – NIH R21 - Understanding and overcoming immunotherapy resistance in pediatric high-grade glioma – 12/1/21-11/30/23

Raju/Becher – ChadTough Defeat DIPG Game Changer Grant – A clinically translatable nanotherapeutic approach to enhance BBB drug delivery in DIPG - 7/1/22-6/30/25

Becher/Wechsler-Reya – Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Innovation Award – Predicting and overcoming resistance to immunotherapy in pediatric high-grade glioma – 10/01/19-03/31/22

Hambardzumyan – NIH R21 - PDGF signaling in pediatric brain tumors – 04/01/20-08/30/21


Raju/Heller – NIH R01 - Tumor-selective delivery approaches for medulloblastoma – 3/15/20-12/31/24

Raju/Snuderl – NIH R56 - Inducing neural maturation in medulloblastoma by targeting EZH2 – 9/15/21-8/31/22

Cancer Genomics/Proteogenomics

Wang/Ma’aayan – NIH U24 –Proteogenomic translator for cancer biomarker discovery towards precision medicine – 7/01/22-4/30/27

Cancer Epigenomics

Bernstein – NIH R01 - Mechanisms and modeling of neuroblastoma-associated ATRX alterations - 3/1/20-12/31/24

Tsankova – NIH RF1 - Chromatin plasticity, transcriptional activity and kinetics in developing and adult human astrocyte and oligodendroglial lineages – 8/15/19-7/31/22

Tsankova – NIH R01 Crosstalk between EGFR and TEAD activity directs migration in human glioblastoma – 1/15/19 -12/31/23

Cancer Metabolism

Marin-Valencia – NIH K08 - Mechanisms and therapies for cerebellar development under defective mitochondrial metabolism – 9/15/19-7/31/24