Clinical Services

CCMS Rent-a-Tech is a fee-for-service program that allows you to focus on your experiment while tapping into the expertise of our team. You can use Rent-a-Tech for times when you do not have the necessary skill set or staff needed to complete tasks for a project. We offer the flexibility of our service and the expertise of the CCMS Small Animal Vet Med staff to provide an experienced technician to meet your long-or short-term specific research needs. Use Vet Med for entire projects or on an as-needed basis for a single task or a wide range of tasks.

Our team has a combination of skills, education, experience, and credentials to offer you a variety of laboratory veterinary medicine expertise, including gavaging, injection, and various biological sample collections, and more.

For more information about our Small Animal Vet Med staff and Rent-a-Tech service, contact Jonathan Cohen, DVM or Melanie Lee.