Asthma Health App

The Asthma Health App helped the user to track asthma symptoms, reviewed trends, gave feedback on the user’s progress, provided personalized reminders to take prescribed medications and contained educational materials on asthma. The Asthma Health App also allowed the user to share information collected on the app with their doctor. Through the Asthma Health App, the Center for Digital Health aimed to help patients experience fewer asthma-related limitations and less distress with better symptom control, fewer unexpected medical visits, and improved quality of life.

About the Study

The researchers at the Center for Digital Health used the Asthma Health App to conduct a research study on whether using an asthma-specific mobile health application downloaded onto a user’s iPhone helped the user monitor asthma symptoms. We also researched the feasibility of conducting a research study completely by phone and testing how well the app features work and are perceived by the user.

To participate in the study, users consented to the study and all study activities through a downloaded mobile application. Over a four week period, the participant completed various surveys – both health and app-experience related, participated in active tasks as prompted by the app, and connected devices and other applications (e.g. Apple’s HealthKit) to the app.

The study was completed in 2016 and the app is no longer available for use.