Core Facilities

By combining the cutting-edge resources of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Advanced Science Research Center at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the Center for Glial Biology is positioned to make valuable contributions to neuroscience research. The following shared core facilities are available to the Center’s investigators:

ASRC Epigenetics Core Facility

The state-of-the-art Epigenetics Core Facility provides an array of epigenetics research resources and services that include: quantitative gene expression with special expertise in low input amount, isolation of single cell and subsequence nucleic acid extraction, chromatin extraction, and quantitative gene expression and NGS library preparation; DNA/chromatin fragmentation and protein-nucleic acid association (ChIP) from tissue and enriched population; and validation of DNA methylation levels in specific genomic loci. The Core also houses a sophisticated flow cytometry cell sorter that is equipped with four lasers and capable of detecting up to 11 colors. The sorter allows automated cytofluorimetric analysis and the sterile sorting of specific cell types.

ASRC Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility

The Live Imaging and Bioenergetics Facility houses Agilent Seahorse XFe24. The cutting-edge Agilent Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer is capable of measuring the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of live cells in a multi-well plate to interrogate key cellular functions such as mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. The instrument can perform compound addition and mixing, label-free detection, and automatic calculation of OCR and ECAR in real time.

For imaging, it offers three core instruments: 1) Zeiss LSM880 upright two photon confocal microscope with Airyscan, FAST model, and CLARITY lens, 2) LSM880 inverted live cell imaging confocal microscope with Airyscan and FAST model, and temperature, CO2, humidity controlled incubator, and 3) Bitplane Imaris Full Spectrum Imaging Analysis Workstation. The supported applications include in vivo imaging of live animals, time-lapse live cell imaging with high-resolution optical sectioning, deep imaging of fixed CLARITY tissues, calcium imaging, photo switching and photo uncaging, laser ablation, SHG imaging, FRAP, and FRET.

ASRC Imaging Suite - Electron Microscope and Super Resolution STED

The ASRC Imaging Suite houses state-of-the-art 300 kV cryo-EM, 200kV Cs corrected S/TEM, dual beam SEM/FIB, and super-resolution confocal STED microscope for advanced imaging of materials and biological samples. Future expansion of the facility includes a 120 kV TEM. The facility is open to both internal and external users.

The supported applications include cryo-EM single particle data collection, S/TEM and SEM imaging, advanced FIB applications (e.g. patterning, 2D image stack, and TEM lamella preparation), and chemical analysis by Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy. The facility also has two plunge freezers for cryo-EM specimen preparation, plasma cleaner for SEM samples and TEM grids cleaning, and coater for coating of carbon and sputter coating of metal.

ISMMS Genomics Core Facility Sequencing

The Genomics Core Facility at the Icahn School of Medicine and Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences is a CLIA-certified laboratory, which houses both our basic and translational genomics research. Their researchers leverage cutting-edge technologies and next-generation sequencing capabilities for research and clinical applications. They help investigators and clinicians analyze samples, identify genetic variants contributing to disease risk, and reveal complex mechanisms involved in human disease.

ISMMS Mouse Genetics and Gene Targeting Facility

The Mouse Genetics and Gene Targeting Facility provides a number of services, including pronuclear injection, genome editing, IVF rederivation, IVF and frozen embryo recovery, ES cell injection, ES cell karyotyping, sperm cryopreservation, embryo rederivation, shipment of cryopreserved sperm, mouse embryos, ES cell generation from existing lines, and ES cell subcloning.

ISMMS Flow Cytometry Core

Flow cytometry measures high-order multidimensional data with single cell granularity. This powerful science, available at the ISMMS Flow Cytometry Core, acquires these measurements at rates of thousands per second and can work with virtually unlimited population sizes, offering incredible statistical uses. To use this data and return a highly purified subpopulation of live functional cells is the magic of cell sorting.

ISMMS Microscopy Core

The Microscopy Core offers access to laser scanning and spinning disk confocal microscopes, a multi-photon microscope, electron microscopes, a light sheet microscope, superresolution microscopy, and widefield microscopes for fixed and live imaging. Additionally we provide server space and rapid image processing workstations. Everything is available to trained researchers every day, including holidays, at any hour. The Core also offers full-service Transmission-Electron Microscopy specimen processing and imaging, as well as imaging and image analysis support. Core scientists can also collaborate with investigators in order to develop novel imaging strategies and analysis approaches.