Biological Safety Forms

The Biological Safety Program is in the process of updating biological safety-related forms on this page. Please contact us if you have a specific request. Principal Investigators (PIs) or designated Laboratory Safety Officers (LSOs) should submit completed forms via email to

Certificate of Decontamination

OSHA and EPA regulations require that any analytical equipment freezers, refrigerators, incubators that were used with infectious agents or Human blood or body fluids receive decontamination prior to disposal or return to manufacturer or a service company. The Principal Investigator (PI) or designated Laboratory Safety Officer (LSO) must complete this form to record the date and method of decontamination and provide tracking documentation in the event of an inquiry by the biological safety professionals or regulatory agencies.

Biological Safety Self-Inspection Form

The Principal Investigator (PI) or designated Laboratory Safety Officer (LSO) should complete the Biological Safety Self-Inspection Form to assess compliance with biological safety guidelines and best practices described in Guidelines and Policies.

Biological safety templates available for Principal Investigator Use: