Light and Health Research Center

Outreach Education

The Light and Health Research Center’s outreach education programs are grounded in our ability to answer important questions about the relationships between light, as well as other forms of optical radiation, such as ultraviolet and infrared, and health. We are concerned with human health, but also more broadly with the health of plants, animals, and Earth at large. Our courses and educational programming provide critical insights into novel applications of the science of light, and we encourage participants to interact with the Center’s experts and each other to discuss important topics.

The Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) develops and delivers high-quality educational programs that expand understanding of the value of light for humanity. These educational programs provide technical information to assist professionals from architecture, engineering, lighting, and building sciences to use light more sustainably while providing the greatest benefit to the health and well-being of people and the planet.

The Center offers educational programs through a wide range of modalities including web-based and in-person presentations and seminars, colloquia, and conferences, as well as hands-on, interactive laboratory programs. The LHRC faculty and staff of experts can also provide customized programming to meet the educational needs of professional organizations, businesses, and other entities.

The LHRC has established the Lighting Education Partners program for businesses and other organizations that want to support, guide, and participate in the Center’s educational activities.

For more information about educational offerings at the Light and Health Research Center, please contact Dan Frering.

Online Professional Certificate Course in Lighting Design

This 10-week online professional certificate course in lighting design provides the knowledge and skills needed to help those in professions related to lighting to begin or improve their practice in lighting design.

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Online Certificate Course in Light and Human Health

This five-week online, interactive course will provide information on how to use the power of light to improve health and well-being in schools, offices, hospitals, and homes.

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