Interview with UF CARE Podcast by Oliver Grundmann. 


Mount Sinai Specialty Report: Continuing to Redefine Addiction Medicine Through Neuroimaging


ISMMS press release: Dysregulation of the Brain’s Reward Learning System Is Identified by Scientists as a Potential Driver and Treatment Target for Cocaine Addiction

Also featured in Cell Press, Neuroscience News, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, Science Daily, Newswise, Medicalxpress, Independentnews, and others. 


ISMMS press release: "Study Shows Differences in How Patients With Heroin Use Disorder Process Drug and Reward Cues".

NIH press release: "Men died of overdose at 2-3 times greater a rate than women in the U.S. in 2020-2021".

ISMMS press release: “Human Cocaine and Heroin Addiction Is Found Tied to Impairments in Specific Brain Circuit Initially Implicated in Animals”.

Also featured in EurekAlert, Neuroscience News, Science Daily, and others.

Interview with Scientific Sense Podcast by Gill Eapen.

ISMMS press release: “A Technique for Regulating Emotion May be Effective in Disrupting Compulsive Cocaine Addiction, a Mount Sinai Study Has Found”.

Also featured in: EurekaAlert and others.

Featured in Addiction, a PBS NOVA production for WGBH Boston, produced by S. Holt.

ISMMS press release: “Human Drug Addiction Behaviors Closely Tied to Specific Impairments Within Six Large-Scale Brain Networks”.

Also featured in NIDA, LiveScience, Science Daily, EurekAlert, MedicalResearch, MEDPAGE, and others.

ISMMS press release: “Cocaine Users’ Brains Unable to Extinguish Drug Associations”.

National Geographic magazine cover story: “How Science is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction”.

Consequentlyinterviewed by: think KERA, (08/23/17), FoxNewsEdge (08/29/17), SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio Reports (09/21/17), and the Leonard Lopate Show at the WNYC/NY Public Radio (10/13/17).

ISMMS press release: “Mount Sinai Researchers First to Measure the Brain’s Electric Activity to Pinpoint When Cocaine-Addicted Individuals Are Most Vulnerable to Relapse”.

Featured on labroots, presented at the Neuroscience Virtual Event, “The neurobiology underlying drug addiction: lessons from multimodality imaging and neuropsychological studies in humans”.

ISMMS press release: “Cocaine Users Have Impaired Ability to Predict Loss”.

Consequentlypress releases in CNBC, LA Times and others.

ISMMS press release: “New Study Examines Impact of Violent Media on the Brain Exposure to violence has a different effect on people with aggressive traits”.

ISMMS press release: “Brain abnormalities linked to impaired self-awareness in cocaine addiction”.

Consequently press releases in: Eurekalert, and others.