These are selected publications of the group. A full list of publications is available at the NCBI.

Neuroimaging Impaired Response Inhibition and Salience Attribution in Human Drug Addiction: A Systematic Review.
Zilverstand A, Huang AS, Alia-Klein N, Goldstein RZ. Neuron. 2018; 98(5):886-903. NIHMSID: NIHMS957678
PubMed [journal] PMID: 29879391 PMCID: PMC5995133

Neural Correlates of Drug-Biased Choice in Currently Using and Abstinent Individuals With Cocaine Use Disorder.
Moeller SJ, Zilverstand A, Konova AB, Kundu P, Parvaz MA, Preston-Campbell R, Bachi K, Alia-Klein N, Goldstein RZ. Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. 2018; 3(5):485-494. NIHMSID: NIHMS919620
PubMed [journal] PMID: 29735157 PMCID: PMC5944613

Trait anger modulates neural activity in the fronto-parietal attention network.
Alia-Klein N, Preston-Campbell RN, Moeller SJ, Parvaz MA, Bachi K, Gan G, Zilverstand A, Konova AB, Goldstein RZ. PloS one. 2018; 13(4):e0194444.
PubMed [journal] PMID: 29672547 PMCID: PMC5908080

Incubation of Cue-Induced Craving in Adults Addicted to Cocaine Measured by Electroencephalography.
Parvaz MA, Moeller SJ, Goldstein RZ. JAMA psychiatry. 2016; 73(11):1127-1134. NIHMSID: NIHMS836953 PubMed [journal]
PMID: 27603142 PMCID: PMC5206796