Application Process

Investigators interested in using CRU services must complete an application and receive approval from the CRU Administration Committee. Requests to use the CRU services may be assigned through the IRB/RUTH submission process by completing the Ancillary Review Form and assigning CRU via the Manage Ancillary Review tab.The CRU application can be completed by using the RUTH: Ancillary Office Survey form in Redcap. The redcap survey form must be uploaded and included with the IRB/RUTH submission.  Applications should be completed in its entirety (budget page included). Investigators will receive notification of approval via email communication with the CRU and/or through RUTH.

Renewals, Revisions, Withdrawals, and Close-out or Termination

We require notification of any changes in a study such as funding source, procedures, changes in protocol or consents, etc. Please note, all continuations of approval must be sent to the CRU as soon as they are available. Studies with lapses in approval will not be able to utilize resources. These must be reviewed prior to implementation at the CRU.

Requests for changes in an approved protocol must be submitted in writing with Institutional Review Board documents where relevant, with detailed explanations of the request and rationale. This request will undergo review by our Administrative Committee.