The Tisch Cancer Institute

Biomedical Data Science and Informatics Service (BDSIS)

The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) Biomedical Data Science and Informatics Service (BDSIS) Core-In-Development provides the processes and infrastructure to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of patient-centered data to researchers. It aims to service the data science, clinical trial, and digital health needs of cancer research programs.

The primary focus of Biomedical Data Science and Informatics Service (BDSIS) is to provide structured access to reliable clinical data in order to foster population science and clinical research studies, to better understand the cancer concerns of patient populations, and to promote knowledge discovery and predictive analytics for identifying optimal treatment trajectories and improving cancer care. The BDSIS provides the infrastructure and processes to streamline the collection, storage and distribution of data to researchers, including electronic health records, cancer registry, radiology, pathology, and billing data. These data sources will generate a “Cancer Data Trust” that will then be made available as part of the BDSIS.  In addition to improving access to biomedical data, the BDSIS works with institutional bio-banks to facilitate the annotation of bio-specimens and linkage with clinical data that facilitates the identification and retrieval of available specimens and cancer phenotyping. The BDSIS also provides education and training related to database management, informatics, and data governance. 

BDSIS services include:

  • Data query, aggregation, harmonization and visualization
  • Clinical trial IT support including patient identification, enrollment and follow-up
  • Digital app and cloud-based informatics services

Resources for clinicians and scientists:

Cancer Informatics Consultation Service: A service to assist TCI faculty, fellows, residents, and students with navigating the cancer informatics and data science landscape (please select Digital Concierge under “Help Topic”).

Sema4 Clinical Annotation Portal: A resource which provides access to clinical and genomic information for cancer patients from Mount Sinai, for the purposes of treatment quality improvement and research (please select Cancer Research Informatics under “Help Topic”). 

Comprehensive Research Data Integration Trust (CReDIT): Access to electronic biorepository phenotyping that integrates disparate data sources, creating a unified query tool with reporting, and implementing a research consent management system (please select Cancer Research Informatics under “Help Topic”). 

GDC/TCGA Cancer Data: A service to help cancer researchers gain access to cloud-based cancer genomic resources (please select GDC/TCGA Data Request under “Help Topic”).

Cancer Research Cloud: A service to allow cancer researchers to request access to cloud-based storage platforms for storage and analysis (please Research Cloud Request under “Help topic”).

InfoSec Review: The InfoSec Review service aims to help TCI researchers and clinicians obtaining clearance for their IT solutions, including cloud-based and public-facing servers (please InfoSec Review under “Help topic”).

Research Monitor Request: A service for designating Research Monitors requesting “view-only” access to Epic patient records (please Research Monitor Request under “Help topic”).

E-Consent: A multipurpose, scalable, electronic informed consent system.

PROMIS: A program which provides dynamic tools to measure patient-reported outcomes.

Mount Sinai Data Warehouse/ATLAS: The ATLAS platform allows investigators to rapidly search the Epic medical records of over 3.5 million patients from the Mount Sinai Health System to obtain counts of patients meeting inclusion/exclusion criteria they specify for tasks such as feasibility studies, patient recruitment planning, and pre-IRB study planning.

eRAP, Electronic Data Capture and Equipment Scheduling: eRAP is a web-based interactive tool for data entry and reporting. 

REDCap: REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.

Resources for patients:

OnCore search: A tool which gives patients access to TCI clinical trials.