The Tisch Cancer Institute

Hematological Malignancies Tissue Bank

The Hematological Malignancies Tissue Bank (HMTB) is a collaborative project dedicated to the collection, processing, storage and distribution of tissue specimens for translational research in hematological cancer.

The HMTB functions under the auspices of the Tisch Cancer Institute Biorepository (CIB) and Myeloid Malignancies Program at Icahn School of Medicine and operates under protocol GCO#:11-1669(0001)(01) approved by the MSSM IRB. HMTB holds a Centificate of Confidentiality from the United States Department of Health & Human Services – National Institutes of Health.

This is a collection and banking study where participation of potential subjects will occur concurrently with subjects’ standard of care procedures. There will be no visits/procedures solely for the purpose of this study. Potential donors may give informed consent to donate one or more of the following tissues: blood, bone marrow, spleen tissues, lymph nodes and biological fluids.

In order to use HMTB bio-resource, investigators will need to submit an application that will be reviewed and scored by the HMTB advisory board for feasibility, scientific merit, and the ability of existing HMTB resources to provide fulfillment.

Equipment and Infrastructure:

  • Dedicated procedure room fully equipped for specimen processing and quality assurance studies.
  • Storage equipment: -80°C freezers equipped with 24/7 alarm system and back-ups, and liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • Electronic Research Application Portal (eRAP) web-based software that supports data collection and management as well as specimen availability for research.
  • A specimen tracking system (LIMS) serves as a platform for storage, tracking and retrieval of de-identified barcoded specimens within HMTB database.