The physicians and scientists in the Department of Medicine are continuously making discoveries and providing insights that have a significant impact on science, medicine and, ultimately, peoples’ lives. Their research and medical expertise are recognized in prestigious academic journals as well as the mainstream press and social media outlets. The Department of Medicine has multiple platforms to highlight and share their medical breakthroughs, advice and recommendations.

Please take a look at some of the latest pieces from our DOM faculty members:

'Hospital at Home' Care: A Win-Win for Both Hospitals and Patients, by Linda DeCherrie, MD, for Our Town

Lung Cancer Screening: It Might Just Save Your Life, Javier Zulueta, MD for Our Town

Understanding the Two Pandemics: COVID-19 and Obesity, Reshmi Srinath, MD for Our Town

Don’t Hold Off on Your Health: Getting Checked Now May Save Your Life, by Andrew Dunn, MD for Our Town

Vaccines and Allergies by Rachel Miller, MD for Our Town 

Share Gratitude by Barbara Murphy, MD for Our Town

How to Get Through the Holiday Blues by Alicia Hurtado, MD for Our Town  

Telehealth: How to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Doctor Visit, by Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, for Our Town 

Questions About a Second - or Even a Third - Wave by Richard Silvera, MD for Our Town

Are You a Long-Hauler? by Zijian Chen, MD for Our Town

All About the Keto Diet by Reshmi Srinath, MD for Our Town

All About Hypertension by Tonia Kim, MD for Our Town

Sunscreen is for Winter, Too by Angela Lamb, MD for Our Town 

Joint Disease and Winter Don't Mix by Jessica Patel, MD for Our Town

Vaccines: They're Not Just for Kids by Mayce Mansour, MD for Our Town 

Vaping: The Truth About This Deadly Addiction by E. Neil Schachter, MD for Our Town 

When You Eat Is as Important as What You Eat by Reshmi Srinath, MD for Our Town

Summertime, and the Sleeping's Not Easy by Shilpi Ahuja, MD for Our Town

Summertime, when the breathing is not so easy by David Steiger, MD for Our Town

Healthy kidneys, all summer long by Joshua Rein, DO, for Our Town 

Don't let joint pain wear you down by Priya Chokshi, MD for Our Town

Signs of spring: daffodils and allergies by Roshni Naik, MD for Our Town

Pancreatic cancer: what you need to know by Aimee Lucas, MD, MS for Our Town

Stop Avoiding that Colonoscopy, by Ian Cohen, MD, for Our Town

Is It Really Just a Nervous Stomach? by Jessica Gelman, MS for Our Town

You and Your Thyroid: What You Need to Know by Stephanie Behringer-Massera, MD for Our Town

Managing Diabetes Over the Holidays by Rahul Agarwal, MD for Our Town

What It Means to Drink in Moderation by Amon Asgharpour, MD for Our Town

When seniors start sneezing by Dr. Mauli Desai for Our Town

Managing your weight as you age by Dr. Reshmi Srinath for Our Town

Barbara Murphy, MD, Honored By Her Alma Mater in Ireland for Inside Mount Sinai

Novel Product to Help Patients at Risk for Kidney Disease for Inside Mount Sinai

Popular diets: how to digest it all by gastroenterologist Dr. Joshua Novak for Our Town

Screening for colorectal cancer by gastroenterologist Dr. Pascale White for Our Town

Confronting flu season by infectious disease specialist Dr. Nicole Bouvier for Our Town

Syphilis in the City
 by infectious disease specialist Dr. Michelle Cespedes for Our Town

Take the Time to Check for Ticks
 by infectious disease specialist Dr. Christine Stavropoulos for Our Town

Sleep and the City 
 by sleep medicine specialist Dr. Neomi Shah for Our Town

Spring and Allergy Season Have Sprung
 by immunologist Dr. Shradha Agarwal for Our Town

Is it a cold or do I have allergies in the winter?
 by immunologist Dr. Shradha Agarwal for Inside Mount Sinai

Thyroid Cancer: It’s Not Simply a Pain in the Neck by endocrinologist Dr. Deena Adimoolam for Inside Mount Sinai

Early Intervention May Prevent Irreversible Damage in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
 by gastroenterologist Dr. Ryan Ungaro for Inside Mount Sinai
Why the Benefits of Hepatitis C Drug Therapies Outweigh the Risks
 by liver specialist, Dr. Douglas Dieterich for Inside Mount Sinai

Researchers Identify Genes That Predict Damage in Donated Kidneys
, Dr. Barbara Murphy for in Inside Mount Sinai 

How Might Physical Exercise Stimulate Bone Synthesis? by endocrinologist Dr. Mone Zaidi for Inside Mount Sinai

Delay in Diagnosing Psoriatic Arthritis Can Have Dire Consequences
 by rheumatologist Dr. Yousaf Ali for Inside Mount Sinai

Remote Monitoring Improves Readmission Rates for Heart Failure Patients, cardiologist Dr. Sean Pinney for Inside Mount Sinai

A New Focus of Study for Liver Disease Specialists, liver specialist Dr. Scott Friedman for Inside Mount Sinai

Rare Tumor May Provide Road Map to Diabetes Therapies, endocrinologist Dr. Andrew Stewart for Inside Mount Sinai

Blocking a Hormone Builds Bone and Burns Fat At Menopause, a Promising Study Finds, endocrinologist Dr. Andrew Stewart for Inside Mount Sinai 

Leader in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Research is Chief of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease, endocrinologist Dr. Andrea Dunaif for Inside Mount Sinai

Patient's Art Brightens Cancer Treatment Center, cancer specialist Dr. Sundar Jagannath for Inside Mount Sinai

Chief of Mount Sinai Heart Leads Panel on Global Health, cardiologist Dr. Valetin Fuster for Inside Mount Sinai

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