The Department of Medicine is the largest academic department at the newly created Mount Sinai Health System – and being the largest department has its advantages. With 14 different divisions and more than 2,000 faculty, trainees, and volunteers, the Department of Medicine offers incredible access to a wide range of specialties. Our divisions have enthusiastically embraced each other across our campuses, melding together different histories, traditions and cultures – all with an end goal of turning each division into an incubator for ideas, innovations and, ultimately, new treatments for our patients.  From the heart to the kidneys to the lungs, our doctors and researchers in the divisions of the Department of Medicine are helping patients by the thousands and saving lives every single day.

Through major government awards and grants, groundbreaking new program development, forward-looking educational and patient-care initiatives, and cutting-edge research, the divisions of the Department of Medicine continue to strive for excellence. Through breakthroughs in research and treatment, and by mentoring, molding, and inspiring the next generation of the very best physicians and scientists, we continue to be at the forefront of twenty-first century medicine.