Training in Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship

More and more people are going into industry or other non-academic careers while companies large and small are experiencing a growing need for trained professionals who can manage biomedical innovation and the commercialization processes. To address these emerging demands, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is now offering training opportunities in intellectual property, entrepreneurial strategies, commercialization pathways, and business fundamentals. The program includes educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

New Course Concentration in Biomedical Entrepreneurship

The concentration includes two courses, which you can take in sequence for a certificate of completion or as a stand-alone course, depending on your interest. The courses are:

Spring Term: Intellectual Property and the Commercialization Process (BSR 2930). This course addresses:

  • Intellectual property basics
  • Patent outlook and strategies
  • Regulatory approval and intellectual property
  • Contracts/legal considerations

Fall Term: Commercialization of Biomedical Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Business Fundamentals (BSR 2931). This class encompasses:

  • Entrepreneurship as applied to the “subsectors” of scientific discovery of new drugs, medical technology, diagnostics, clinical advancement, and digital health
  • Commercialization of these new products and techniques
  • Fundamental business concepts of leadership, governance, and management that drive start-up businesses
  • Market/customer definition and developing business plans/capital pitches

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Additional Learning Opportunities

Another essential characteristic of our Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is the opportunity to further develop skills outside of the classroom through a number of practical experiences. Over the past several years, the Mount Sinai Health System has built a considerable number of these unique learning opportunities including:

These resources provide practical, professional experience for graduate and medical students to complement their coursework and will prepare you to succeed in the burgeoning field of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. Postdoctoral fellows, residents and faculty are also welcome to take advantage of these opportunities.