Training in Biomedical Innovation & Entrepreneurship

An increasing number of graduates are seeking and going into industry or other non-academic careers while companies large and small are experiencing a growing need for trained professionals who can manage biomedical innovation and commercialization processes. To address these emerging demands, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is offering training opportunities in intellectual property, commercialization processes, and related business fundamentals. The program includes practical educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Course Concentration in Biomedical Entrepreneurship

The concentration includes two courses, which you can take in sequence for a certificate of completion or as a stand-alone course, depending on your interest. The courses are:

Spring Term: Intellectual Property and the Commercialization Process (BSR 2930). This course addresses key areas such as:

  • Intellectual property basics
  • Patent outlook and strategies
  • Regulatory approval and intellectual property
  • Contracts/legal considerations

Fall Term: Commercialization of Biomedical Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Business Fundamentals (BSR 2931). This class encompasses:

  • Ideation and design thinking frameworks
  • Lean start-up methodology and the I-Corp Canvas (NSF and NIH endorsed method) as applied to an actual project
  • Commercialization pathways for new drugs/therapeutics, devices, digital platforms/processes, and clinical protocols,
  • Fundamental business concepts around competitive market intelligence, customer and partner relationships, and legal considerations of start-up businesses and innovation pathways
  • Market/customer definition, validation processes, and developing I-Corp ready plans and pitches

If you have questions about registering for these courses, please email

An Incredible Ecosystem of Real-World Learning Opportunities

Another essential characteristic of our Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is the opportunity to access an unparalleled set of experts and projects in further development of career-ready skills offered by leading centers of innovation across the Mount Sinai Health System including:

  • Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP)
    MSIP facilitates real-world application and commercialization of discoveries from the Mount Sinai Health System. It offers information-rich and timely public education sessions, boot camps, and a fellowship in commercialization. Many of MSIP leading experts teach and lead in the courses referenced above. MSIP also manages the i3 Accelerator which is a leading program in brining discoveries to market.
  • Mount Sinai Hackathon
    This competition immerses participants from diverse disciplines in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams and foster experiential learning through communication, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Diversity Innovation Hub (DIH)
    DIH is a Mount Sinai Venture tasked with cultivating innovative solutions to address Social Determinants of Health. Utilizing tailored programs and resourceful partnerships - the DIH aims to curb the rising tide of health disparities and increase representation of women and minorities in healthcare innovation.
  • Sinai Biotech Association | GRO-Biotech
    GRO-Biotech’s mission is to connect the strong intellectual capital of New York's top graduate research institutions with the growing life sciences innovation community in the tri-state area. In support of this mission, we host conferences, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events to connect scientific leaders in industry with the innovators of tomorrow in academia.
  • Center for Digital Medicine (Sinai APPLAB)
    The Center leads through collaboration and innovation in the development, use, training and evaluation of informatics to support medical research, improve patient outcomes and facilitate continuous quality improvement.
  • Sinai BioDesign
    Sinai BioDesign works with clinicians and researchers in their environments to identify problems, pain points, and inefficiencies and help guide the development of practical, effective solutions in areas such as: AI platforms for personalized healthcare, surgical devices for improved patient safety and efficacy, wearable devices to monitor brain health, and medical imaging and 3D printing for surgical planning.

These incredible learning resources within Mount Sinai provide unmatched practical, professional experience for graduate and medical students to complement coursework and will prepare you to succeed in the burgeoning field of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. Postdoctoral fellows, residents and faculty are also welcome to take advantage of these opportunities.