Office of Career Services & Strategy

The Office of Career Services & Strategy strives to provide effective personalized strategy for career path determination, focus and pursuit through individual appointments, walk-in office hours, workshops on the most relevant career topics, as well as resume feedback and interview preparation.


If you would like career strategy advice, resume feedback (sample Cover Letter/CV/Resume can be found here) or need help with interview preparation, please make an individual appointment. 

Individual Appointments

Individual appointments are not currently available but will resume as soon as possible.

Alumni Policy

The Office of Career Services & Strategy will gladly extend services to current matriculated graduate students, postdocs, and recent alumni who have graduated in the past 12 months.

Recurring Presentations

On-going presentations are available for career guidance:

  • CV to Resume Conversion: A step-by-step recipe for how to convert your CV into an industry marketable resume
  • Interviewing: Tips and Insights: A practical guide for preparing for the most common types of interviews
  • ‘NEW JOB’ Negotiations (Presentation/Discussion – bring questions): An outlined strategy for optimizing your chances of getting the job offer that you want and answers to your individual negotiation questions
  • Networking: How NOT to be Afraid and Make the MOST of it: A presentation delivering networking tips and a practice networking session
  • Acing It: Successfully Navigating the ACADEMIC Interview Process: A comprehensive guide to applying for tenure-track positions in academia

Professional Services

The following is offered in addition to typical career services, in order to provide a more comprehensive preparation for job search:

  • Regular and VIDEO recorded MOCK interviews - we now offer mock interviews for improving interviewing performance and video recorded sessions for increased self-awareness 
  • Mount Sinai Business Cards

Online Resources

Internal and external recommended career resources include: