Preliminary Residency

Our preliminary program is designed to provide a solid one-year foundation in clinical medicine for those entering other specialties. You will receive a rigorous and thorough basic training in Internal Medicine, with rotations on general inpatient medicine, HIV medicine, cardiology, and critical care medicine. By the end of training, graduates of our preliminary program are capable of managing most medical conditions. Additionally, all preliminary interns will have at least eight weeks of call-free elective time during the year which can be spent in the Internal Medicine subspecialties, non-medical subspecialties (such as Radiology), and can be completed at any of the campuses in the Mount Sinai Health System.

A typical Preliminary Schedule is as follows:

Prelim Year


General Medicine Floors


Specialty Floors






Night Float




Housestaff Stories

Hermandeep Dhami PGY1

I was inspired to join Mount Sinai West and St. Luke's due to the program's emphasis on integrating clinical knowledge with compassion.  During my interview day, I remember sitting down in a conference room that overlooked New York City; born in a small town, I was automatically filled with a sense of awe.  This was further magnified after meeting the program's leadership.  Each person I met that day seemed to genuinely care about my future and I found myself believing in myself, embracing the next chapter.  A couple months into residency, I can say that my initial intuition proved to be sincere.  I feel at home here.  Yes, the initial transition into internship is a difficult one, but the senior residents and faculty have been there from teaching everyday tasks such as electrolyte repletion to helping me understand complex hemodynamic shifts in multi-organ disease.  The culture of helping one another is prominent and beautiful; each team I have been a part of thus far, I have left having made new friends.

Elisse Park PGY1

When I started training at MSW/MSSL, it felt like I joined a family. The residents are a diverse group coming from all over the world and with a variety of experiences before coming here, and I have met some incredible people who have inspired me to be the best physician I can be. In addition to the residents, the nurses and other hospital staff are all extremely friendly which makes me look forward to going to work every day. Also, the schedule is very resident-friendly and allows me to gain a wide variety of experiences (including floors, ICU, electives) while not getting burnt out.

The hospitals are the perfect mix of academic and community-based. In terms of academics, there are lectures so that we stay up to date on the latest evidence-based medicine, and a lot of research going on as well. In terms of community, the patients I meet typically are long-term residents of NYC and it is very rewarding to hear their stories and take care of them. Finally, the program’s location appeals to me greatly. I knew I wanted to be near my family and NYC is a really fun place to live. The hospital housing is only a five minute walk from Central Park which is perfect when I need to unwind.