Preliminary Residency

Our preliminary program is designed to provide a solid one-year foundation in clinical medicine for those entering other specialties. You will receive a rigorous and thorough basic training in Internal Medicine, with rotations on general inpatient medicine, geriatrics, cardiology, and critical care medicine. By the end of training, graduates of our preliminary program are capable of managing most medical conditions. Additionally, all preliminary interns will have at least eight weeks of call-free elective time during the year which can be spent in the Internal Medicine subspecialties, non-medical subspecialties (such as Radiology), and can be completed at any of the campuses in the Mount Sinai Health System.

A typical Preliminary Schedule is as follows:

Prelim Year


General Medicine Floors


Specialty Floors






Night Float






Housestaff Stories

Samantha Cheng, MD

I remember how warm and inviting the residents were, even across a Zoom screen. Then shortly after starting the program, I had the pleasure of working with one of the residents who helped sway me on my interview day. Now we spend time together outside of the hospital as friends. At this program, I've been able to celebrate with and lean on interns, seniors, even fellows. The collegiality is refreshing as I gain stride as a new doctor. The Women in Medicine Group has also been a unique feature here, which has allowed me to pursue interests beyond medicine and my advanced specialty. It has connected me to other women I had not otherwise crossed paths with. Finally, with the volume and breadth at these two hospitals, I am confident that I will be well prepared for my next steps.