Preliminary Residency

Our preliminary program is designed to provide a solid one-year foundation in clinical medicine for those entering other specialties. You will receive a rigorous and thorough basic training in Internal Medicine, with rotations on general inpatient medicine, HIV medicine, cardiology, and critical care medicine. By the end of training, graduates of our preliminary program are capable of managing most medical conditions. Additionally, all preliminary interns will have at least eight weeks of call-free elective time during the year which can be spent in the Internal Medicine subspecialties, non-medical subspecialties (such as Radiology), and can be completed at any of the campuses in the Mount Sinai Health System.

A typical Preliminary Schedule is as follows:

Prelim Year


General Medicine Floors


Specialty Floors






Night Float






Housestaff Stories

Marcus Konner, PGY1

As a medical student in NYC I was always fond of the vast medical prestige that accompanies the Mt. Sinai Health System and wanted to be a part of their astounding accomplishments. Performing my elective and interviewing at Mt. Sinai Morningside West (MSSLW) left a profound impression on the strong qualities of the program including camaraderie, enthusiasm, and countless educational opportunities.

Now, working as a preliminary medical resident at MSSLW I can happily confirm my beliefs and much more! The support is incessant from the program director, to the medical chiefs, fellows, and residents. Furthermore, the clinical cases we experience in the medical wards are very unique and excellent learning opportunities.

Additionally being a part of the Mt. Sinai Health system gives us the opportunities and resources to conduct research and perform valuable elective rotations throughout the system.  Being a part of the Mt. Sinai Morningside West family is a genuine privilege and I look forward to continued success in the program.

Corinna Psomadakis, PGY1

I left my interview day at MSSLW feeling very fortunate to have been selected to attend. The Program Director's stated goals for the residency, which included recruiting trainees with diverse backgrounds from around the world, and emphasizing evidence-based, high value care, matched what I was looking for in a program. The interns and residents I met on that day were dynamic and seemed quite happy. I had little doubt I would end up designating the program my top choice.

Now several months into my intern year, I still feel like it is a privilege to be here every day. I am in awe of my colleagues who are bright, considerate, and hard working. The senior residents are incredibly supportive. I am grateful to the chiefs who organize high quality, engaging teaching for us every day. The attendings are approachable and eager to teach. Add to that the diverse pathology that you get to see at two distinct hospital sites in New York City and the combination is pretty unbeatable. There are certainly challenging days but it's a pleasure to work through them with the MSSLW team. I am confident this program is offering me a strong foundation for my career as a physician.