Education Tracks

Whether you choose to do a three-year categorical residency, our primary care track or a one-year preliminary year, our goal is to provide you with a rich and diverse range of clinical training and educational experiences that will prepare you to be an outstanding physician.

To ready graduates for the changing world of academic medicine, our training program includes a full spectrum of patients and medical problems with an emphasis on hands on training where residents are directly responsible for the care of their patients.

Conferences and Teaching

The Department of Medicine places a strong emphasis on education and teaching. At weekly Department of Medicine Grand Rounds, selected local, national and international experts speak about the latest innovations in their fields. Residents are also encouraged to attend divisional rounds in Cardiology, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Hematology/Oncology, Geriatrics, Psychiatry and Neurology.

Academic Half Day

Academic Half Day is our weekly educational conference where interns and residents have protected time dedicated for learning. Each conference, structured around a high-yield core topic, consists of four learning activities. We utilize a variety of educational methods to promote engagement, discussion, and long-term knowledge retention. Attending participation is a key component of each Academic Half Day Conference and many of our world class faculty are invited to deliver focused lectures, participate in an Attending Challenge or moderate our Afternoon Report discussions. During our Afternoon Report an intern or resident presents an interesting case that they encountered. We utilize small groups, moderated by a Chief Resident or Attending, to discuss each case in terms of differential diagnosis, appropriate investigations and treatment.

Our three-year program gives our residents a solid grounding in all aspects of internal medicine. Any medical career will be well served by this base, whether our trainees go into subspecialty fellowship at an academic medical center or into practice immediately upon graduation. Read more

For those residents who are interested in pursuing a career in Primary Care, we have a special three-year program designed to train you to be the very best primary care physician in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Read more

For those residents who intend to pursue specialty careers , we provide a superior year of training in the basics of internal medicine. Read more