The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center newsletter provides an opportunity to learn about upcoming research programs and educational events related to Alzheimer’s disease and healthy aging. Our issues spotlight the latest in clinical studies, participant stories, and patient and caregiver resources, as well as recent accomplishments by our faculty.

Winter 2023-2024 e-newsletter

In this issue Dr. Sano explains the pros and cons of the new Alzheimer's treatments. View E-Newsletter

Fall 2022 Special Issue

In this issue, ADRC Director Mary Sano, Ph.D. talks about a promising new development about a potential new drug for mild Alzheimer's disease. View E-Newsletter

Fall 2021 e-newsletter

In this issue, we talk about the Aduhelm controversy, share our COVID caregiver survey results, and introduce a brand-new study coming to our ADRC. View E-Newsletter

Spring 2021 e-newsletter

In this issue, we talk about COVID vaccines, imaging studies, and satisfaction with memory evaluations using tele-health. View E-Newsletter

Fall 2020 e-newsletter

In this issue, we write about a music therapy study being conducted remotely and other ADRC activities during the COIVD pandemic. View E-Newsletter

Spring 2018

In this issue, we discuss the link between diabetes and cognition, clinical studies and much more. View PDF

Spring 2016

In this issue, we write about an exciting new study for those with diabetes, and also report on the history of Alzheimer's research. View PDF 

Fall 2014

This issue discusses the importance of research to help prevent or delay age-associated memory issues. The newsletter also includes participant stories and information about research studies. View PDF

Spring 2014 Supplement

In this supplement, we offer practical suggestions to prevent or delay memory issues associated with aging. View PDF

Fall 2013

Here we provide tips on traveling with dementia, as well as a participant interview, association updates, and information on our research studies. View PDF

Fall 2012

This issue offers news on the effects of food and nutrition on Alzheimer’s disease, patient stories, research studies, and departmental updates. View PDF

Fall 2011

We provide information about Alzheimer’s research, clinical trial updates, participant stories, and information in Spanish. View PDF

Fall 2010

We provide information about Alzheimer’s diagnosis and research, as well as a list of resources for caregivers. View PDF

Spring-Summer 2010

This issue discusses the relationship between head injuries and Alzheimer’s disease. We also provide caregiver resources, Center news, and information about our ongoing studies. View PDF

Fall 2009

Here we discuss the link between diabetes and developing Alzheimer’s disease and present a research study suggesting that a high-protein diet might increase the risk of brain shrinkage and susceptibility to Alzheimer’s. View PDF

Spring-Summer 2009

This issue announces initiation of research studying the effect of gene therapy on the progression of cognitive and functional decline. View PDF

Fall 2008

Here we discuss the possibility of an Alzheimer’s disease vaccine. We also report that AD is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing diabetes. View PDF

Fall 2007

We talk about our research designed to learn how to assess older volunteers from their homes, without the inconvenience of time-consuming clinic visits. View PDF

Winter 2006-2007

In this issue, we outline our research into the effect of omega-3 fatty acid on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. View PDF

Fall 2005

This edition outlines the possibility that simvastin, a cholesterol-lowering medication, may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. View PDF

Fall 2004

We discuss nationwide efforts to discover the genes that contribute to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of the condition. View PDF