Mount Sinai Play Safety Program

The Mount Sinai Play Safety Program takes the confusion out of concussion care. When your child suffers a concussion, while playing sports or otherwise, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Our Play Safety Program aims to equip schools with the latest and most innovative methods of concussion identification, assessment, and rehabilitation to close the knowledge gap and better help K-12 education professionals, children, and families understand concussion.

The Mount Sinai Play Safety Program supports local schools through a variety of endeavors:

  • Concussion Education: We provide concussion resources and education for schools, parents, and children.
  • A State-of-the-Art Concussion Clinic: Our team of highly-trained clinicians who specialize in concussion care uses state-of-the-art technology to measure the symptoms of concussion in children.
  • Baselining: Our team of clinicians work with local schools to perform baseline evaluations for each student athlete. If an athlete sustains a concussion, their baseline results will be used to create a personalized rehabilitation program.

We work with local schools and community centers to provide education and support to ensure that all educators and staff members are prepared to assist should a child experience a concussion on their watch.


At The Charles Lazarus Children’s Abilities Center, our specialists are skilled in helping patients through the use of the following advanced technologies:

  • BrainCheck
  • NuroCheck
  • Buffalo Concussion Treadmill- WoodWay treadmill
  • Sway Detection
  • Precision Recovery Remote Patient Monitoring App
  • MindMotionGo and MindPod by MindMaze
  • Hocoma Erigo
  • Virtual Reality

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always striving to make it easier for families to find the information they need. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the Play Safety Concussion program.

Who can participate in this program?
Any school in the tristate area interested in providing advanced concussion care for their student athletes.

What benefits can be expected from participating in this program?
We take the confusion out of concussion care for schools, families, and athletic teams. Our team becomes a partner and resource for your school’s concussion care plan. 

How does the Play Safety Program partner with schools? 
Our team coordinates with your athletics staff to develop a concussion action plan which includes:

  1. Staff, student, and family education and pre-season baseline testing
  2. In person sideline medical coverage and on demand virtual sideline support
  3. Should a student athlete sustain a concussion, post-concussion medical and rehabilitation management is provided 

How long can my school participate in this program?
There is no set expiration for participation in the Play Safety Program. The Play Safety team will work individually with each school to establish a partnership for continued care across all sports seasons.

Does my student-athlete need a doctor’s referral to enroll?
No. Once a school is enrolled in the Play Safety Program, students requiring care can directly be connected with a doctor on our team. 

How much does it cost to join the program?
There is no charge for a school to join the Play Safety Program. For student athletes who require medical care while in the program, we accept most major insurance. We will verify each student athlete’s insurance prior to an appointment.