Export Control

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai we are committed to providing our researchers, faculty, trainees, staff, and students with the tools and support needed to adhere to all regulations applicable to research standards. This website was created to help you understand how you or your research may be affected by applicable "Export Control Laws", as defined in Icahn Mount Sinai’s Export Control Oversight Policy (the “Export Control Policy”) and how to comply with these laws. Export Control Laws cover a broad range of activities, including the sharing of information (written or spoken), technology or research, as well as the shipment of biological specimens or equipment.  Everyone at Icahn Mount Sinai is responsible for ensuring their research, education, and other business activities are conducted in compliance with applicable Export Control Laws.

Export Control Policy at Icahn Mount Sinai

As noted above, it is the policy of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to comply with all U.S. trade control laws, including export control, economic sanctions, anti-boycott laws and regulations, customs and import laws and regulations, and any other laws and regulations that regulate international activities, that apply to its activities (collectively “Export Control Laws”). These laws and regulations restrict or prohibit a range of activities, including the export, re-export, import, or transfer of certain items, materials, software, and information from or into the United States. They also restrict the release of certain export-controlled information or technology verbally, in writing, or in any other way to Foreign Persons (Deemed Export) in the United States or abroad without authorization from the U.S. Government.  While there are exceptions to these restrictions and regulations, such as the Fundamental Research Exclusion (“FRE”), we must ensure that we all are aware of and follow the applicable rules.

Reporting Requirements

If an Icahn Mount Sinai Party is not sure if a proposed activity is restricted, it is their responsibility to contact the Export Control Officer for assistance. ISMMS Parties are encouraged to contact the Export Control Officer as soon as possible when contemplating research that would involve interactions with an export-controlled item, or an entity or individual located in a sanctioned country.

If an Icahn Mount Sinai Party becomes aware of a violation of this policy or Export Control Laws, the Icahn Mount Sinai Party must immediately contact the Export Control Officer and immediately cease all related activities until further guidance is provided by the Export Control Officer.

Please contact the Export Control Officer with any questions concerning this policy:

Reginald W. Miller, DVM, DACLAM
Dean for Research Operations and Infrastructure
Export Control Officer, MSHS
Senior Research Integrity Officer, MSHS
Professor, Comparative Medicine & Surgery
Professor, Environmental Medicine & Public Health
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Email: reginald.miller@mssm.edu
Phone: 212-241-3006