Technology Platforms

The HIMC has a dedicated bio-specimen processing suite equipped with five laminar hoods, four tissue culture incubators, centrifuges (four Eppendorf 5425R and 5810R), microscope, water bath, and a bank of -20oC and -80oC freezers and LN2 tanks for sample storage.


HIMC offers the most advanced equipment in the field for research at Genomic, cellular and proteomic analysis.

Genomic Platforms

  • Single cell gene expression analysis via 10X genomics Chromium
  • Biomark and Juno system for targeted gene multiplex analysis via microfluidic 96x96 platform
  • Bioanalyzer for Nucleic acid quantity and quality analysis
  • Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer (ABI)
  • QiaSymphony machine for automated nucleic acid isolation in high throughput manner

Cellular Platforms

  • Three of Mass Cytometer (Helios), a state of the art mass cytometer that allows highly multi-parametric single cell analysis
  • LSRFortessa BD special order analytical flow cytometer (5 lasers) with high throughput capability (96 well format) to support large clinical study analysis
  • RoboSep for magnetic bead based cell separation/isolation
  • ELISPOT assay C.T.L  reader

Proteomic Platforms

  • Biomark and Juno system for targeted protein multiplex analysis via microfluidic 96x96 platform
  • Luminex 200 System capable of multiplexing up to 41 analytes simultaneously in a single micro titer plate well
  • BioTek Synergy Neo HTS Multi-Mode Reader with top dual PMT filter optics with integrated BioStack automated stacker
  • BioTek 405™ Touch Microplate Washer with 96-tube Dual-Action™ manifold and integrated BioStack automated stacker

Tissue Microenvironment Profiling

  • Autostainer for the multiplexed immunohistochemistry
  • Hamamatsu immunohistochemistry slide scanner
  • IonPath Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging analysis

Biospecimen Management

  • Sample bar coding facility and management/tracking via Freezerwork server maintained by MSSM
  • Coulter Ac-T 5diff Hematology Analyzer
  • Cryovials shipper in liquid N2 with inner temperature sensor/monitor