Assays and Technology

The HIMC occupies a state-of-the-art 1300 square feet facility housed in the ISMMS Hess Center for Science and Medicine. We are driven by a combination of deep scientific and technical expertise and cutting-edge technology, and we always aim to balance the development of innovative immunological assays with a strong focus on optimizing and standardizing protocols and operating procedures to ensure data quality and reproducibility.

Scale balancing innovation vs standardization

Our facility offers robust patient specimen processing and storage using electronic sample management and tracking systems, and a wide range of immune monitoring assays including phenotypic and functional cellular immunophenotyping, antigen-specific T cell assays, seromics/antibody profiling and multiplexed cytokine and chemokine detection and multiplexed tissue imaging.

Technology Platforms

The HIMC utilizes the following technology platforms:

Genomic Platforms

  • Single cell gene expression analysis via 10X genomics Chromium
  • Biomark and Juno system for targeted gene multiplex analysis via microfluidic 96x96 platform
  • Bioanalyzer for Nucleic acid quantity and quality analysis
  • Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer (ABI)
  • QiaSymphony machine for automated nucleic acid isolation in high throughput manner

Cellular Platforms

  • Three of Mass Cytometer (Helios), a state of the art mass cytometer that allows highly multi-parametric single cell analysis
  • CyTEK Aurora for full spectrum flow cytometry with high-resolution data
  • RoboSep for magnetic bead based cell separation/isolation
  • ELISPOT assay C.T.L  reader

Proteomic Platforms

  • Biomark and Juno system for targeted protein multiplex analysis via microfluidic 96x96 platform
  • Luminex 200 System capable of multiplexing up to 41 analytes simultaneously in a single micro titer plate well
  • BioTek Synergy Neo HTS Multi-Mode Reader with top dual PMT filter optics with integrated BioStack automated stacker
  • BioTek 405™ Touch Microplate Washer with 96-tube Dual-Action™ manifold and integrated BioStack automated stacker

Tissue Microenvironment Profiling

  • Autostainer for the multiplexed immunohistochemistry
  • Hamamatsu immunohistochemistry slide scanner
  • Remove “IonPath Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging analysis”

Biospecimen Management

  • A dedicated bio-specimen processing suite equipped with five laminar hoods, four tissue culture incubators, centrifuges (four Eppendorf 5425R and 5810R), microscope, water bath, and a bank of -20oC and -80oC freezers and LN2 tanks for sample storage.
  • Sample bar coding facility and management/tracking via Freezerwork server maintained by MSSM
  • Coulter Ac-T 5diff Hematology Analyzer
  • Cryovials shipper in liquid N2 with inner temperature sensor/monitor

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Shipping Address
Attention: Seunghee Kim-Schulze
Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai / CSM Building
1470 Madison Avenue 5th floor, Rm: 310/313
New York, NY 10029

Shipping Address For CyTOF
Attention: Geoffery Kelly
Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai / CSM Building
1470 Madison Avenue 6th floor, Rm: 204
New York, NY 10029

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