About Us

HIMC Unique Capabilities and Strengths

As part of the Precision Immunology Institute, the mission of the HIMC is to provide state-of-the-art immune monitoring of human bio-specimens using cutting-edge technology platforms and assays that balance innovation with robust validation and quality control. We are a diverse team of immunologist and technical specialists with extensive experience in comprehensively characterizing immune profiles and responses across a broad range of disease settings at the genomic, proteomic and cellular level. Our goal is to facilitate the generation, analysis and integration of complex immunological data to help discover biomarkers, therapeutic targets and a deeper understanding of immune responses in various diseases and/or with various treatments.

The HIMC is actively involved in a large number collaborative research projects with both academic and industry partners where we are leveraging our cutting-edge technology and assays to foster immune discovery.

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The HIMC constantly strives to be at the forefront of immunology and technology. We have several active collaborations and projects to evaluate new technology platforms and develop new assays. We also hold weekly lab meetings and organize seminars and workshops to introduce new technologies the scientific community. We are always interested in learning about new technology so if you would like to share a new technology platform please feel free to contact us.

*Ongoing Research and Development Projects

As a reminder: For funding purposes, it is important to acknowledge the Human Immune Monitoring Center in all publications that include data that the center has contributed to.