Institute for Health Care Delivery Science

Core Members and Areas of Specialization

 Name  Title Program Area; Committees Served  Disease Focus  Methodology Expertise Area 
Madhu Mazumdar, PhD Director  


BDW (Co-Chair), BSW
Liver; Lung; Genitourinary  Meta-Analysis; Diagnostic Test Evaluation; Prognostic Factor Modeling; Team Science  
Erin Moshier, MS Managing Director  


BDW (Co-Chair); BAW (Co-Organizer); DFG; DSMC 
Heme Malignancies; Neuro; Sarcoma; Gastrointestinal Prognostic and Predictive Modeling; Longitudinal Modeling  
John Mandeli, PhD Research Associate Professor  


BDW; DFG; PRMC; Journal Club

Breast; Gynecologic; Phase I Therapeutics; Immunology Factorial Experimental Designs; Clinical Trial Design
Umut Ozbek, PhD Assistant Professor  


DFG; DSMC Primary
Bone Marrow Transplant; Pediatrics Statistical Genetics; High-Dimensional Analysis; Penalized Regression Methods
Gary Winkel, PhD Research Professor CPC Breast Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Psychometric Theory; Structural Equation Modeling
Kezhen Fei, MS Senior Biostatistician CPC Liver; Community  Regression Methodology; Missing Data
Liangyuan Hu, PhD Assistant Professor CI; PRMC; BSW (Co-Organizer) Lung; Genitourinary  Statistical Methods; Causal Inference; Machine Learning Based Regression 
Meng Ru, MS Biostatistician I  


DFG;  Biostatistics Clinic (Co-Organizer)
Breast; Prostate Statistical Simulations; Administrative Database Analysis
Xiaoyu Song, DrPH  

Assistant Professor

CM; CPC; PRMC; BDW; BSW (Co-Organizer) Ovarian; Kidney; Other Genitourinary  Statistical Methods; Statistical Genetics; Genetic Epidemiology; High-Dimensional Analysis
Hsin-Hui Huang, PhD Biostatistician II CI; CM Head and Neck; Immunology Network Meta-analysis; Observational Data Analysis
Jung-Yi Lin, MS Biostatistician I CM; CCI Leukemia; Bone Marrow Transplant  

Lab Data Analysis;

Administrative Database Analysis
Xiaobo Zhong, PhD  

Assistant Professor

CPC; BDW; DFG PRMC Genitourinary; Melanoma Clinical Trial SMART Design; Survey sampling related
Jiayi Ji, MS Biostatistician I CM Ovarian; Kidney Laboratory Data Analysis; Statistical Genetics; Genetic Epidemiology
Nicole Zubizarreta, MPH Senior Data Analyst CCI; BAW (Co-Organizer); Biostatistics Clinic (Co-Organizer) Colorectal Cancer   

Segmented Regression Analysis; Administrative Database Analysis 

CCI: Cancer Clinical Investigation, CM: Cancer Mechanisms, CI: Cancer Immunology, CPC: Cancer Prevention & Control, BAW: Biostatistics Analysis Workshop, BDW: Biostatistics Design Workshop, BSW: Biostatistics Seminar Workshop, DFG: Disease Focus