Institute for Health Care Delivery Science

About the Institute

At the Institute for Health Care Delivery Science we are establishing new and innovative ways to measure the value of health care delivery and subsequently use this information to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care.

Medical knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate, which has reshaped the health care environment with dramatic diagnostic and therapeutic innovations. While these advances offer unprecedented opportunities to improve health and reduce suffering, they also disrupt traditional care processes and put stresses on the health care delivery system. To reduce the alarming rate of medical error, inefficiency, and inexplicable discrepancies in patient care and outcomes , we are creating dynamic health care delivery systems characterized by continuous learning and improvement.

Mission and Vision

The mission of our Institute is to analyze, develop, and disseminate evidence that can guide clinical decision-making toward improvements in the quality, safety, outcomes, and efficiency of care throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. The Institute’s vision is to provide an evidence-based foundation for continual learning within the Health System and to stand out as a model to be emulated by other integrated health care delivery systems around the world.

Institutional Goals

To succeed in our mission, the Institute’s goals are manifold. We aim to:  

  • Identify variations in clinical practice and risk-adjusted outcomes across the Health System
  • Recognize opportunities for decreasing the incidence of patient harm
  • Conceptualize strategies for improving outcomes by conducting comparative effectiveness research of new practices and interventions
  • Determine how to contain costs without sacrificing quality of care