About Us

The Seaver Autism Center is one of the most recognized institutions of its kind in the world because of our bench to bedside approach, making breakthroughs in the lab and translating them to clinical trials. This brings cutting-edge treatment to individuals affected by autism and other related neurodevelopmental disorders.

Our Mission

Enhance the diagnosis of autism and related disorders, discover the biological causes of those disorders, and develop and disseminate breakthrough treatments. We strive to bridge the gap between new discoveries in basic science and enhanced care, while ensuring the community is aware of new and improved approaches to caring for people with autism.

We aim to be the international leaders for precision medicine in autism and related disorders. After discovering the top autism-risk genes, we developed a focus on the rare disorders that result from mutations in those genes: ADNP, DDX3X, FOXP1, and Phelan-McDermid syndromes. We then use our findings to identify major pathways disrupted in these syndromes and target treatment approaches to ameliorate the associated symptoms, which we then strive to translate to individuals with idiopathic autism (autism without a known genetic cause).