Genetics & Genomics

The Genetics and Genomics team at the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment focuses on the discovery and functional characterizing of genes that lead to autism diagnosis. As one of the largest autism genomics research centers in the country, we are dedicated to the understanding, treatment, and cure of genetic/genomics diseases. Our Center is developing trials to see what treatment works for spectrum genes in an approached called precision medicine. At the Seaver Center, our research labs are independent but often collaborate on the same genetic disorders.

One of the early findings of autism is that it is largely caused by genetic factors. We’ve been able to look at samples of people with and without autism to determine the genes associated with autism. We co-lead an international team that has identified several hundred genes that when mutated can cause autism and are associated with high-risk of developmental delay.

More than one percent of individuals in the world have autism. Through our research, more than 200 genes have been discovered related to autism diagnosis. Thirty percent of patients with profound autism can be diagnosed through specific genes.

Research Findings

Current genomics research includes: