The Seaver Autism Center works to advance the research, treatment, and awareness of autism through a robust calendar of seminars, conferences, training opportunities, and other events, including the following:

  • Rare Disease Update: These virtual events are focused on rare disorders that are studied at the Seaver Autism Center. The presentations are designed to update the community about advances in the Seaver Center’s multi-level research in stem cells, rodent models, clinical studies, etc., and often include a talk from an outside expert.

    Watch a past Rare Disease Update:
    Phelan-McDermid Syndrome | 4.7.22
    ADNP Syndrome | 2.10.22
    FOXP1 Syndrome | 9.23.21
    DDX3X Syndrome | 6.8.21

  • Annual Advances in Autism Conference: Our annual conference, established in 1996, brings together academic, parent, and community groups to participate in thoughtful and informative presentations. The goals of the conference are to teach participants about recent advances in understanding the causes of autism, brain development in people with autism, and current treatments for autism.
    The event offers a variety of speakers, internal and external to the Seaver Center, who are experts in their fields who provide relevant advances in autism research and care to the community.

  • Seaver Seminar Series: The Seaver Seminar Series is a central component of the education efforts at the Seaver Center. Coordinated by Silvia DeRubeis, PhD, this series provides a forum for Mount Sinai and outside researchers to present current data on broad topics relevant to the advancement of autism research (such as epidemiology, genetics, and early detection).

  • Seaver Celebration: This fundraiser event enables our Center to expand our network of supporters. Established in 2018, the event continues to celebrate the achievements of our Center, sparking philanthropic momentum to help our team further achieve goals to ensure progress for individuals and families impacted by autism and related rare genetic disorders.