The Seaver Autism Center relies on funding from multiple agencies, foundations, and individuals to carry out our research and clinical missions.

Associates Board

The Seaver Associates Board is a group of committed stakeholders—parents, grandparents, siblings, and others—who want to advocate for their loved ones with autism by learning more about research and supporting the work at the Seaver Center.

This Board serves as a means to drive the Center’s mission forward and contribute to the strategic plan. There is an expected philanthropic commitment to the Seaver Autism Center. Our hope is for our board members to expand the awareness of our research with friends and family who would be interested in supporting our Center. The benefits of joining the board include annual updates and special access to scientists and presentations.

A Community of Supporters

The research at the Seaver Autism Center is only possible because of generous support from a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about the Associates Board or supporting the work of the Seaver Autism Center, please contact Sarah Lynch at or 212-241-0349.