The Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment provides comprehensive clinical services, as well as support and training for parents and siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder. Our multidisciplinary team customizes each treatment plan based on the individual needs of our patients.

Individual Psychotherapy is offered for children, adolescents, and adults to target both autism-specific challenges as well as associated internalizing (e.g., anxiety, depression) and externalizing (e.g., disruptive behavior) symptoms. Every patient’s treatment plan is individualized based on the presenting problem, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches are often utilized. Parents and families are a critical aspect of the treatment process. In addition, therapists will collaborate with a child’s team of teachers and other therapists to best target symptoms across environments.

Social Skills Groups are offered both at Mount Sinai and within the community. Our clinical team specializes in social skills group treatment using a cognitive behavioral therapy model employing a curriculum developed at the Seaver Autism Center. The curriculum has been implemented in many community agencies throughout New York City. The curriculum has also been empirically validated using rigorous scientific methodology.

Parent Training is offered to help parents cope with a child’s diagnosis of autism, assist in the development of behavior management strategies, and provide ongoing support based on a family’s needs. 

Sibling Support may be helpful for siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder who may experience difficulty understanding a sibling’s diagnosis or coping with his or her own emotional needs.

Psychopharmacological Treatment decisions are made in close collaboration with families and are informed by existing evidence in addition to cutting-edge research. Our psychiatrists are skilled in communicating effectively and openly about the risks and benefits of medication treatment. We have specific expertise in treating individuals with complex conditions who may be considered particularly difficult to treat, and our clinicians are able to discuss novel and experimental therapeutic options when past medication trials have not provided sufficient benefit.

Service Coordination helps individuals and their families attain services such as school placement for school-aged children and vocational or job training for adolescents and adults.

Community Outreach Program provides lectures and workshops to parent groups, agencies, and schools. The Seaver Autism Center also hosts an annual conference that addresses current scientific trends and new discoveries.

Medical Services may be necessary for associated conditions, and the Clinical Program is committed to providing comprehensive treatment for all of our patients. Given the host of medical conditions associated with autism spectrum disorder and related conditions, including gastrointestinal disease, epilepsy, and sleep disorders, the Seaver Autism Center works closely with physicians from other specialties at Mount Sinai for referrals and follow-up care.