Commission of Diversity and Equity Support

We believe that by creating a culturally diverse scientific community we will have access to different perspectives and different health related standpoints, allowing us to achieve excellence in science.

Our Mission

To increase diversity and equity among the members of Department of Pharmacological Sciences (DPS) by formulating criteria for recruitment, retention, and development of faculty/postdoc/students; promoting outstanding minority and women faculty to leadership positions and defining educational goals for faculty, postdocs and students.

Our mission aligns with the overall goals of ISMMS, including: 

Our Goals

We focus on achieving racial and gender equity in our department. We also want to formulate the approaches that will lead to an inclusive, equitable environment based on mutual respect that firmly opposes any form of discrimination.

How Do We Achieve Our Goals?

  • Facilitate Seminar Series and Symposia to educate us on gender/ethnicity bias, its origins and on approaches to rectify the current discrimination by inviting professional on these areas that can provide with anti-racist educational materials.
  • Design a plan for increasing the recruitment of female and underrepresented groups (men or women) faculty into our department.
  • Design a plan for increasing the recruitment of under-represented minority students for Pharmacology and Therapeutics Discovery (PTD) training area.
  • Create programs for internal funding to support female faculty and trainees with childcare responsibilities to level up women possibilities.
  • We aim to achieve cultural diffusion among DPS members by generating and granting access to a cultural movie/documentary collection from different cultural backgrounds. To understand the needs of minority members, we need to know where they come from, as well as understand their cultural and spiritual backgrounds.