Works In Progress

The Department of Pharmacological Sciences hosts a biweekly Works in Progress Discussion Series where trainees discuss their research ideas, design, results, and receive feedback in an informal setting. Two WiP presentations are held per session. This series is held on Thursdays at 11 am in a virtual format via Zoom. For presenting at the WiP Series, please contact




December 16

“Progress Towards a Deeper Understanding of Monoamingeric Drug Cross Talk”
Michael Capper (Wacker Lab)

“Structural Signatures: Using Patterns of Structures in Expressed Proteins to Understand Underlying Biological Phenomena”
Nicole Zatorski (Schlessinger Lab)

November 18

“Rational Design of Small Molecules Targeting LAT1”
Keino Hutchinson (Schlessinger Lab)

“Role of TSH receptors in the brain”
Sari Miyashita (Zaidi Lab)

October 21

“Synthesis and pharmacology of a novel μ-δ opioid receptor heteromer selective agonist based on the carfentanyl template”
Ivone Gomes (Devi Lab)

“The Regulation of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Death Through Autophagy Inhibition”
Kisa Sung (Lazarus Lab)

September 23

“Structural and Biochemical Studies of a Pseudokinase ULK4”
Susmita Khamrui (Lazarus Lab)

“Pharmacological Characterization of Understudied Aminergic Receptors”
Gregory Zilberg (Wacker Lab)

September 9

“Discovery of First-in-class eEF1A2 Degraders for Pancreatic Cancer”
Md Kabir (Jin Lab)

“Markov State Model Analysis of Dynamic Dimerization Interfaces Between Transmembrane Domains of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors”
Letty Salas-Estrada (Filizola Lab)

August 26

“First-in-Class Humanized FSH Blocking Antibody Targets Bone and Fat”
Sakshi Gera (Zaidi Lab)

July 1

“Mechanisms of Resistance and Sensitivity to TNBCs”
Arthur Chow (Dar Lab)

June 3

“Early Dissemination of Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer”
Carolina Rodriguez Tirado (Sosa Lab)

May 20

“Discovery and characterization of a fifth 3' exonuclease in Bacillus subtilis”
Shakti Ingle (Bechhofer Lab)

“Applying Single Cell RNA-Sequencing to Map the Cystic Fibrosis Airway and Chart the Cell Type-Specific Regulation and Expression of CFTR”
Megan Januska (Walsh Lab)

May 6

“Interaction of BRD2/BRD4 and E-protein of SARS-CoV2 Stimulates Cytokine Storm”
Anbalagan Jaganathan (Zhou Lab)

“A Perfluoroalkane Toolkit for Type II Kinase Inhibitors and Rational Polypharmacology”
Alex Scopton (Dar Lab)

April 22

‘Insights into kidney physiology from the Kidney Precision Medicine Project”
Jens Hansen (Iyengar Lab)

“Chemical Modulators of Polycomb Group Protein CBX7 for Prostate Cancer Therapy”
Nilesh Zaware (Zhou Lab)

March 25

‘Making the LINCS L1000 Data Look Like RNA-seq with Deep Learning”
Megan Wojciechowicz (Ma’ayan Lab)

“Fine Tuning of Opioid Receptor Signaling”
Mariana Lemos Duarte (Devi Lab)

March 11

‘Predicting Targets for 17 Types of Pain with Machine Learning”
Minji Jeon (Ma’ayan Lab)

“Structure-Based Drug Design of a HCN2 Channel-Selective Inhibitor with Antidepressant Activity”
Emily Teichman (Han/Jin Lab)

February 25

“Structural Basis for the Action of Anticancer Drug Trametinib”
Zaigham Khan (Dar Lab)

January 21

“Conversations with the Chair”
Ming-Ming Zhou, Ph.D.

“CRF in the Extended Amygdala Gates the Affective Experience of Depression”
Sherod Haynes (Han Lab)