Research Laboratories

Here is a list of the research laboratories of primary faculty members in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences.

Aggarwal Lab

Aggarwal Laboratory

Protein-nucleic acid interactions in DNA and RNA metabolism


Bechhofer Laboratory

Exploring post-transcriptional regulation of bacterial gene expression

dai lab thumbnail

Dai Laboratory

Investigating genetic and environmental factors in neuropsychiatric disease etiology and corresponding synaptopathies.

Lab members

Devi Laboratory

Focusing on neuropeptides, opiate receptor signal transduction and narcotic addiction

devita lamb

DeVita Laboratory

Small molecule drug discovery, chemical biology, and target validation

Filizola Lab

Filizola Laboratory

Computer-aided structural biology and drug discovery

thumbnail of hadri lab

Hadri Laboratory

Mechanism of epigenetic alterations in cardiopulmonary vascular disease, calcium handling proteins, and small molecules inhibitors and target gene therapies.


Iyengar Laboratory

Systems biology and systems pharmacology, cell signaling networks with emphasis on GPCR pathways

image of Jin Lab

Jin Laboratory

Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery: creating selective inhibitors of histone methyltransferases, biased ligands of GPCRs, and novel degraders targeting oncogenic proteins

image of Lazarus Lab

Lazarus Laboratory

Cellular mechanisms of nutrient signaling in intracellular glycosyation and authophagy with chemistry, crystallography and mass spectrometry methods


Ma'ayan Laboratory

Computational systems biology, bioinformatics, data mining, data science, data integration, and software development for biomedical and biological research

image of Ramirez Lab

Ramirez Laboratory

Focusing on connective tissue pathophysiology and genetic control of morphogenesis

Photo of Microbiology Lab Equipment

Reddy Laboratory

The role of cell cycle and apoptotic genes in cancer progression and as target for the development of novel anticancer drugs

image of Schlessinger Lab

Schlessinger Laboratory

Structural bioinformatics and structure-based drug design membrane transporters

Shi lab thumbnail

Shi Laboratory

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics, protein design, antibody therapeutics and translational sciences

sobie team

Sobie Laboratory

Mathematical modeling and quantitative investigation of cardiac physiology, and mechanisms of initiation of arrhythmias and heart failure


Wacker Laboratory

Structural studies and drug discovery of serotonin receptors and transporters

image of Walsh Lab

Walsh Laboratory

Mechanisms that regulate chromatin structure and gene transcription

Yuan Lab

Yuan Laboratory

Structure and function of membrane transport proteins that play central roles in physiology and disease.

image of Zaidi’s Lab team

Zaidi Laboratory

Translational studies on new drugs for osteoporosis, obesity and neurodegenerative diseases using cutting-edge technologies.

image of Zhou Lab

Zhou Laboratory

Structural mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of gene transcription in biology and human diseases, and structure-based drug discovery