Seminar Series

The Department of Pharmacological Sciences hosts a biweekly research seminar series by invited speakers on the topics of drug design and discovery, and molecular and systems pharmacology, held on Thursdays at 11 am in the Hess Center for Science and Medicine building. If you’re interested in joining the mailing list for this Seminar Series in the future, please contact


 Seminar Series Topic

  2020 Seminar Series  

Veronica Alvarez, PhD
National Institutes of Health

“Circuit and Synaptic Mechanisms Underlying Vulnerability for Drug Abuse” December 17

Shohei Koide, PhD
NYU Langone

“Selective inhibition and degradation of oncogenic RAS mutants, with a touch of COVID” October 1

Anthony Grace, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Early life stress and susceptibility to schizophrenia and depression September 17

Barry Honig, PhD
Columbia University

Integrating 3D structure into Systems Biology February 6

Bobby Arora, PhD
New York University

Synthetic Targeting of Protein-Protein Interactions in Cancer January 23
  2019 Seminar Series  

Olga Boudker, PhD
Weill Cornell Medicine

"Complex Dynamics of Glutamate Transporters" December 5

Nancy Carrasco, MD
Yale University

"The Sodium/Iodide Symporter (NIS): From Patient to Molecule and Back" November 7

Richard Gregory, PhD
Harvard University

"RNA Methylation in Gene Regulation and Cancer" October 17
Mark T. Bedford, MD, PhD
Anderson Cancer Center,
University of Texas
"Arginine Methylation -Substrates, Effectors & Crosstalk" October 3

Pratyush Tiwary, PhD
University of Maryland

"Designing the Next Generation of Computational Microscopes with Statistical Mechanics and Artificial Intelligence" September 19

Susan F. Steinberg, MD
Columbia University

“Redox-inactivation of Cardiomyocyte Beta1-adrenergic receptors: Carvedilol to the Rescue” June 20

David S. Lawrence, PhD
University of North Carolina

"Biological Photocontrol: From
Optogenetic Engineering
to Phototherapeutics"
June 6

Marina Picciotto, PhD
Yale University

“Acetylcholine Signaling and
Stress-Induced Behaviors” ​
May 16

Sriram Subramaniam, PhD
NIH, Center for Cancer Research

"Cryo-EM and Intergrative Structural Biology" May 2

Kevin Pruitt, PhD
Texas Tech University

“Exploring novel roles of Disheveled in cancer biology and transcription regulation”​ April 18

Vera Moiseenkova-Bell, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

“Molecular Mechanisms of TRPV Channels Gating by Endogenous and Exogenous Modulators”​   April 4
 Lars Juhl Jensen, PhD
Copenhagen University
 “Network analysis and visualization with STRING and Cytoscape”​  March 19

Rajini Rao, PhD
The John’s Hopkins University 

“Endosomal pH as a Therapeutic Target in Neurodegenerative Disease” ​  March 7 
 Nicola C. Partridge, PhD
New York University
 “GPCR Signaling in Osteoblasts by Parathyroid Hormone and its Analogs”  February 21

Pamela Stanley, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“Regulation of Notch Signaling by O-Glycans” February 7

Daniel Johnston, PhD
University of Texas, Austin

”Dendritic Integration and Fragile X Syndrome”​ January 17
  2018 Seminar Series  

Christopher Miller, PhD
Brandeis University

“A Weird Ion Channel for a Weird Ion” December 13

Steven R. Smith, PhD
Florida Hospital Research

“Epigenetic Regulation of Adipose Tissue Distribution” November 29

Xuejun Jiang, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“To be or not to be, a dilemma of cellular metabolism”  October 4

Aravind Subramanian, PhD
The Broad Institute 

“Integrated Connectivity Map” September 20

Sudha Chakrapani, PhD
Case Western Reserve University

Structure, Function, and Modulation of Serotonin (3A) Receptors”​ June 28

Shane Gonen, PhD
University of California

Harnessing the Potential of Cryo-EM Through Protein Design”​ June 25

Jef K. De Brabander, PhD
University of Texas

From Explorations in Discovery Biology to a Targeted Approach for Colon Cancer”​ June 14

Meritxell Canals, PhD
Monash University

GPCR Signaling Platforms for Pain and Analgesia”  June 7

Zhen Yan, PhD
University of New York at Buffalo

Identification of a Novel Therapeutic Agent for Autism-like Social Deficits”​ May 31

Nathaniel Martin, PhD
Utrecht University

Bisubstrate Analogues as N-Methyltransferase Inhibitors and Tools for Structural Studies”​ May 10

Christine Gall, PhD
University of California

A Novel Form of Endocannabinoid-Dependent LTP is Critical for Encoding Elements of Episodic Memory”​ June 20

May 7

Tamir Gonen, PhD
University of California at Los Angeles

"MicroED Opens a New Era for Biological Structure Determination"

May 3
Matthew Redinbo, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Inhibitor Control of the Gut Microbiota April 19
Chenglong Li, PhD
University of Florida
"Drug Design Targeting PRMT5" April 5
Sriram Subramaniam, PhD
"Atomic Resolution Cryo-EM"

March 22

Bryce Carey, PhD
The Rockefeller University

"Integrating Metabolism and Chromatin Biology in the Regulation of Stem Cell Identity"

March 1

Nigel Bunnett, PhD
Columbia University
"Endosomal Platforms for the Signaling Train to Pain" February 22
Simone Sidoli, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
"Investigation of regulatory mechanisms for chromatin modifications and compaction using mass spectrometry" February 12
Alexandros Makriyannis, PhD
Northeastern University
"The Structure and Function of the CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor"
February 8
Lawrence G. Hamann, PhD
Celgene Corporation
"Expanding the Druggable Proteome through Cereblon-Mediated Protein Degradation" January 25

Seth H. Weinberg, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

"Between the Cells: The Role of Intercellular Nanodomain Signaling in Cardiac Tissue" January 11

2017 Seminar Series


Lang Li, PhD
The Ohio State University

 "Translational Drug Interaction Research"

 December 14

 Christopher E. Mason, PhD
Weill Cornell Medicine

 "Genome, Epigenome, and Metagenome Diagnostics on Earth and in Space"

 November 16

 Todd D. Gould, MD
University of Maryland

 "Ketamine Metabolism to Hydroxynorketamines: Pharmacology Underlying Fast Antidepressant Action"

 November 30
 Arvin Dar, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
 "Chemical Genetic Discovery of Novel Kinase Inhibitors"  October 26
 Patrick R. Griffin, PhD
The Scripps Research Institute
 "Chemical Biology and Differential HDX to
Probe Ligand Mediated Receptor Signaling"
 October 5
 Sharad Verma, PhD
The John’s Hopkins University
 "Therapy Acceleration via Precision Medicine"  September 28
 Matthieu Schapira, PhD
University of Toronto
 "WD-40 Repeat Proteins: A Novel Target Class?"  September 19
 G. Greg Wang, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 "Chromatin Modification, Gene Regulation and Cancer"  June 26
Daniel Wacker, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Structural and Molecular Basis of Psychoactive Drug Action at GPCRs” May 25
Housheng Hansen He, PhD
University of Toronto
"Decode the Noncoding: Understand the Majority for Precision Medicine" May 18
Kelley Yan, M.D / PhD
Columbia University
"Intestinal Stem Cell Self-Renewal: Insights from Ligand-Level Perturbation of WNT Signaling" May 17
Irene Morganstern, PhD
Psychogenics Inc.
"Novel Approaches to Drug Discovery for Central Nervous System Disorders" May 4
Andres Blanco, PhD
Harvard Medical School
"Identifying and Manipulating Epigenetic Cell Fate Barriers" April 13

Ian Willis, PhD
Albert Einstein College

"Transcriptional Repression by MAF1: Implications for Cancer and Obesity" April 6

Eric A Sobie, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

"Cardiac Systems Pharmacology to Predict Drug Effects, Understand Mechanisms, and Personalize Therapies" March 30

Ingo Mellinghoff, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"Targeting Aberrant Signaling Pathways in Primary Brain Tumors" March 23
Scott Carlson, PhD
Stanford University
"Using Proteomics to Uncover Lysine Methylation as a Global Actor in Biology and Disease" March 16
Edward B. Ziff, PhD
New York University
"Calcium Signaling and the Plasticity of Glutamatergic Synapses" March 9
Jernej Murn, PhD
Harvard Medical School
"RNA-binding proteins as regulators of cell fate in development and disease" February 22

José D. Faraldo-Gómez, PhD
National Institutes of Health

"Molecular Mechanisms of Active Transport: An Energy-landscape Perspective" January 26