Physician Scholars Program

Our Physician Scholars Program trains Medical Doctorates to become translational researchers.  We provide an integration of clinical training during residency/fellowship with PhD training, and offer the potential for post-residency research depending on the fellowship. 

We developed this program to help you become a top-tier, superbly trained MD/PhD physician-researcher. Once MD graduates have committed both to a specialized clinical practice and research, this program offers a training opportunity that will simultaneously promote both clinical and research abilities.

The program integrates clinical training with PhD training, and your PhD research with post-residency career development. This is an integration of doctoral studies with clinical residency/fellowship training, over seven years. It offers ample protected time for your PhD thesis research as you hone your required clinical skills. The Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry offer Residency plus PhD programs.

The excellence of both clinical and research training at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in addition to financial incentives, make it a very advantageous program. You will be uniquely positioned to advance medicine and patient care through a number of different perspectives, and with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience that is rare in the field.

How to Apply

To apply, Candidates in this program will already possess an MD degree. This program is managed through specific clinical residency and fellowship programs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai but interacts with the Graduate School for career development and for the PhD academic requirements. You may select mentorships in specific research laboratories in clinical or basic science departments. As a student in this program, you will need to fulfill all requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy as outlined in the Graduate School’s Student’s Handbook.

You may obtain additional information from our clinical residency and fellowship directors:


In the Department of Psychiatry you will train within a collaborative community of clinicians, educators, researchers, and trainees all striving to better understand and treat mental and emotional disorders.

Antonia New, MD
Phone:  212-659-8902

Asher Simon, MD
Phone: 212-659-9114

M. Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez


As a Resident in the Samuel Bronfman Department of Medicine, you will be part of the largest academic department in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, with 12 divisions across seven campuses.

Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD
Phone: 212-241-8797

Percio Gulko, MD 
Phone: 212-241-0670

David Thomas, MD
Phone: 212-659-8551


As a Pediatrics Resident, you will be training with national leaders in translational pediatric medicine and biomedical research, in a department that was established in 1878 as the first pediatric center in a New York City hospital.

Joel Forman, MD
Phone: 866-265-6201


Our Neurology Residency program is designed to provide you with a broad base of knowledge in neuroscience, and the clinical abilities to recognize and treat the full spectrum of neurologic diseases. 

Stephen Krieger, MD
Phone: 212-241-6854