Innovative Learning

The Incredible Journey

Your educational journey is just as valuable as your ultimate destination. Most scientific and medical institutions strive to be innovative in their technologies and discoveries. At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) we set our sights even higher. We make every aspect of the learning process itself innovative, through personalized, flexible, hands-on experiences in the classroom and the laboratory, in the community, and at the bedside.

Situated in New York City, our location offers boundless opportunities for you to immerse yourself in an incredibly diverse academic, clinical, cultural, and social community.

“A culture of innovation and a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge are integral to all activities at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.” – Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, President for Academic Affairs, Mount Sinai Health System.

Forward Thinking

We encourage and support the forward thinking and disciplined science that will fundamentally change health care. Whatever your niche and degree track at ISMMS, our programs will fully prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that await you in 21st century. Our faculty and staff provide you with the knowledge, tools, and skills to help you add value to any team, raising the bar for health care while addressing local and global disparities.

Core Values

We have been making incredible strides in medical training, patient care, biomedical research, and discovery for more than half a century. With commitment and passion, we thread four central themes throughout our curriculum to reflect our core values and our mission as educators: 

  • Research and Discovery 
    We invite you to engage in intense scholarly exploration, disruptive thinking, and thoughtful risk taking. 
  • Service to Society 
    We foster science in service of society, responding to needs within our own community that offer tremendous opportunities for our students to contribute, prepare, and reflect.  
  • Global Health 
    We look beyond our own horizons to worldwide human health, creating enduring partnerships, education, research, and patient care at the global level.
  • Frontiers in Science  
  • We integrate real-world science into our classrooms, with an eye on what today’s biomedical research will bring tomorrow.

More to See, More to do, More to Learn

We express these values through affiliations with other leading academic and clinical institutions and partnerships with leading innovators such as RPI and through our dual degree and other specialty programs. In our medical education curriculum, these values are represented every day, through built-in flex time that allows you to pursue your own passions; our pass/fail policy that promotes collaboration over competition; and  our honor code that entrusts you with managing your own exams and assessments. We weave them into our graduate education through entirely personalized learning paths with an incredible breadth of options, through team research and through progressive options such as our online learning for the MS in Health Care Delivery Leadership.