Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) is the first medical school in the country to create a progressive admissions approach for students who seek early assurance of admission. The Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program allows college sophomores in any major to apply for early assurance of acceptance to our school. Once accepted, you are free to pursue your studies unencumbered by the traditional science requirements and the MCAT. This program is an expansion of our longstanding Humanities and Medicine Early Assurance (HuMed) and Science and Medicine (SciMed) Programs.

"FlexMed is all about flexibility in your education and the opportunity to pursue what you love to learn. It allows talented students with lots of initiative to 'flex' their intellectual, creative, humanistic, and scientific muscles during college.”

David Muller, MD, FACP

Dean for Medical Education, Professor and Marietta and Charles C. Morchand Chair in Medical Education

Responding to Change

The Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program launched in response to major changes in biomedical science and health care delivery. It allows a new cohort of students to join our tradition of cultivating future physicians who are self-directed in their learning, thrive on a culture of academic rigor and mentorship, and have a strong appreciation of human rights and social justice. Named to both honor the legacy of Abraham Flexner—a pioneer educator who revolutionized medical education early in the twentieth century—and reflect the Blinkens’ generosity in expanding the program, FlexMed is transforming medical education by cultivating physicians who are grounded in twenty-first century science and the social context in which they will practice medicine.

“Intellectual curiosity is as important as a stethoscope, and we’re pleased to support young people who are interested in the world and have broadened their horizons through the study of literature, history, and philosophy. It gives these students a real edge in their medical careers.”

—Donald and Vera Blinken

FlexMed Benefactors

Who Can Apply?

The Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program is open to all undergraduate sophomores from any major.

Once you are accepted into the Program, you will matriculate into the medical school, provided you adhere to all program requirements prior to entry.

Applications and Responses

The FlexMed application opens in mid-August and the deadline to submit an application is January 15. We review applications from January through February with interview invitations sent on a rolling basis. Interviews will take place between March and May. A final admissions decision will be made available in July.

Applicants who are invited for an interview will spend the day at ISMMS and have two in-person admissions interviews. Opportunities to tour campus, meet with current students and ISMMS administrators will also be available. An in-person admissions interview is a required component of the FlexMed application process.

 FlexMed applicants who are participating in a study abroad program are expected to make travel arrangements as best as possible to participate in a scheduled in-person interview day.  Students who are unable to make travel accommodations during the offered interview dates must notify the Admissions Office. We are unable to provide applicants with travel reimbursement for their interview day.