Hospice and Palliative Medicine Research

Scholarly activity is an integral component of a successful academic career. Scholarly activity takes many forms including:

  • Working on quality improvement projects
  • Developing clinical protocols
  • Designing new curricula
  • Writing book chapters
  • Writing review articles
  • Reviewing articles prior to publication
  • Critically reviewing published articles
  • Conducting independent research

We make sure to involve you in the sorts of research activities you’re interested in. You will spend at least four weeks during your fellowship participating in research. You can choose to become involved in a research track if you are planning a research career.

Clinician Research Training Program

If you are interested in a career as a clinical investigator, you can apply to our Clinical Research Education Program (CRTP). This competitive program selects 12 fellows and/or junior faculty members to participate in a course of intensive training in clinical research consisting of didactic seminars and mentored research.

Research Year

You can elect to stay for an additional year to conduct a research project, working with a faculty mentor. You also participate in additional didactic class work. By the end of your penultimate year, you will have completed your project proposal and received Internal Review Board approval. The additional year is devoted exclusively to data collection, analysis, and preparation for presentation and publication.