Children’s Programs

We perform comprehensive neuropsychological assessments. The assessments look at every area of cognitive functioning including: executive functioning and attention, language functioning, memory, academics, social perception, sensory seeking behavior, fine motor skills, overall intellectual skills, and emotional functioning.


Our evaluation of ADHD is comprised of a parent interview; direct testing of intelligence, executive functioning, and attention; and completion of behavioral questionnaires by both parents and teachers. The interviews present questions about the nature and onset of current problems, the child's mental, physical, and emotional development, and the home and school environments.

If ADHD is suspected along with other mental health difficulties, a psychiatric evaluation is available. 


Our treatment options for children are age dependent and include social skills and organizational training.

Social Skills Group

Designed for four- to six-year-olds, the Social Skills group at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Division for ADHD and Learning Disorders is based on the Incredible Years Dina Dinosaur program. This is a treatment module for children with ADHD, oppositional behavior, anxiety, and depression. It is delivered in one-hour weekly small group sessions for 20 weeks. The program targets challenging behaviors and promotes increased social emotional learning and self-control. It has been evaluated in randomized control group studies and found to be effective in improving children’s social emotional competence, emotion regulation, and school readiness, as well as reducing behavior problems.

Organizational Skills Training

Designed for elementary and middle school students, our evidence-based Organizational Skills Training (OST) focuses on improving key skills in children. Although many participants have been diagnosed with ADHD, this is not a requirement. We offer the treatment individually or in one-hour weekly small-group sessions for 16 weeks. OST utilizes behavioral skills training to improve organization in the school and at home, through handling assignments, keeping track of materials, time management, and task planning. The program involves parents and the student’s teachers to deliver a holistic, workable plan that can be applied to both home and school settings.

We also provide parent management training, parent-child interaction therapy, and school consultations.

Following are pricing or quote-contact information followed by codes children’s programs.


Prices vary depending on individual needs and plans of action.

ADHD Evaluation: $1,500
Psychiatric Evaluation: $200/hour + $500 for report
Neuropsychological Evaluation upon request
Consultation: Contact clinician for current rate


Therapy is priced by size and duration of each group.

20-session Social Skills group for children: $3,000
16-session Organizational Skills Training: $2,400
Individual therapy: contact clinician for current rate.

We regret that we are unable to accept insurance directly. We provide necessary documentation so that you may obtain reimbursement from your own insurance carriers.

Services are billed under the following CPT codes.

90791 Intake session
96101 Psychological testing
96118 Neuropsychological testing
96119 Neuropsychological testing with resident or fellow
90834 Individual psychotherapy, 45 minutes
90836 Individual psychotherapy, 90 minutes
90853 Group psychotherapy
90846 Family psychotherapy without patient present