Adult and College Student Programs

We offer a full range of evaluation and treatment services for adults of all ages, including college students who have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Meta-Cognitive Therapy Program for Adults

This evidence-based program employs cognitive-behavioral methods to address and remediate adult difficulties with time management, organization, and planning. The modality we use was the subject of a formal efficacy study supported by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and resulted in a significant improvement, both clinically and statistically. Specific strategies include awareness of ADHD deficits; prioritizing, scheduling, and use of planners; overcoming procrastination; organizational systems; follow-through on tasks; and long-range planning. The program also addresses comorbid symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The program is based on a small group of 5-10 participants who meet on weeknights for 12 weekly sessions of two hours each. We also offer individual psychotherapy sessions between group cycles and booster sessions after completion of the group.

College Student ADHD Treatment Program

Our program for college students with ADHD also calls upon cognitive-behavioral methods to address and remediate difficulties college students may experience with time management, organization, and planning. We address prioritizing goals, effectively taking advantage of supportive campus resources, employing learning and distraction control strategies to improve studying, organizing space and maintaining organizational systems, coping with emotional setbacks, overcoming procrastination, and planning ahead for long-term assignments and career building.

The program is administered in a small-group format of 5-10 participants, for either 4 or 12 sessions.

12-Session Program

In this 12-session program held once weekly over a three-month period, students incorporate learned skills and build productive habits throughout their semester.

Four-Session Program

The four-session program includes all the skills in a condensed form for students who cannot attend the semester-long course. It takes place twice weekly during winter break.

Following are pricing or quote-contact information followed by codes for adult and college student programs.


ADHD Evaluation: $1,500
Psychiatric Evaluation: $200/hour + $500 for report
Neuropsychological Evaluation: Individualized pricing upon request
Consultation: Contact clinician for current rate


16-session organizational skills training: $2,400

Group therapy for college students with ADHD: Contact for rates.

12-session group therapy for adults with ADHD: $1,800 plus $400 for initial consultation

Individual therapy: contact clinician for current rate

Note that although we do not accept insurance directly, we provide forms for submission to your health insurance provider. Please make checks payable to “ADHD Center.”

We bill services under the following CPT codes:

90791 Intake session
96101 Psychological testing
96118 Neuropsychological testing
96119 Neuropsychological testing with resident or fellow
90834 Individual psychotherapy, 45 minutes
90836 Individual psychotherapy, 90 minutes
90853 Group psychotherapy
90846 Family psychotherapy without patient present